Friday, November 30, 2007

So much for staying home! I ended up going with Kevin to go pick out our appliances!!! I am soo excited I got the new fridge with the big freezer on the bottom that pulls out like a big drawer!!! I never thought I could/would get excited over appliances. I didn't really pick out anything else because Jaxi had other plans! He wanted to cruised around the huge showroom floor with the stroller in his hands. It was funny but not funny at one point he ran into a dishwasher so hard the stroller popped up and he flipped into the basket in the back of the stroller. He was totally okay, as a matter of fact he thought it was funny as hell! I was like great we are gonna walk out of here owning more appliances than we need! lol! Then after that we headed back to get Johnny from school and off to look at tile again..... I am hating tile! Why can't people just tell you how much it is without all the middle men?!?!?! I did find some 18x18 Tuscan Tavertines. They were GORGEOUS!!! Perfect for the foyer!!!! We also went by the house and and they started bricking the front YEAH!!!!! The stone has been delivered so they can hopefully start on that soon!!! The next 16-21 days are going to be pretty exciting with all the things that are going on in the house! I am trying not to take pictures every time I go out! I want to see drastic changes before I take pictures. Because in the beginning I was taking a picture every time I was there and they all kinda look the same, BORING!And ya know I want to make a book!
Well tomorrow is December 1st!!!! OMGoodness!!! Time is flying by! It is crazy! Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Or busy morning at least! Gym at 7am (for me), Gymnastics at 9am (for Johnny), Birthday party at 10:30am, and then I NEED to get some scrapbooking in I am feigning for it! It's been too long! okay gotta go!

Friday's Challenge!!

On this day in history- Make a layout about your birthday you can go to to find out what happened the year you were born!!
Due Date is today!!!! I will pull a name tomorrow morning!!! Good Luck!

Well not to much going on today! I am whooped! I have had this head/chest cold thing! It is kicking my hiney! Kevin made me sleep in this morning! WOW what a difference sleep can do for a person! I slept in until after 9am!!!! I didn't even make it to the gym!! Sorry Ken! My body just needs a day of rest so I can get over this lame cold! It's more annoying than anything! ya know...
Kevin is going to go pick out all our appliances this morning! I am staying home! We have gotten so many over the past two years he knows what I want. I know that sounds ridiculous or you are like wth??? Why are you buying so many appliances?? We lived in Bel Aire for a really long time and once we got pregnant with Jaxi we decided to get a bigger house that we could grow into with our already growing family. When we sold the house we gave our appliances away to the new owners. We bought a house in Reed's Cove. We really liked it, we thought we would be there until the boys would finish HS. Well little did we know the house was a lemon. Like seriously. It was built with the cheapest material and it was literally falling apart at the seams! literally!!! So we had to fix everything and we sold the house within a year or less of being there! So when we sold that house we left our appliances behind. We found another house in Reed's Cove. We knew that this house would be totally temporary. We were thinking like 5 years. We thought this would give us time to find the house we wanted. well...... Kevin got an itch and he was sick of putting money into a house that was not going to be ours. So after two plus years at looking at houses we decided to build. And of course the people that bought our last Reed's Cove house asked for our appliances all of them but our washer & dryer!! It made it nice for all the moving and not having to move the appliances but it sucks buying them every time!!! BUT this is going to be the LAST time for a long time! Or I told Kevin he could move and the boys and I will enjoy living and growing up in the same house! ha! :)~ He didn't like that idea! So anyways... that's my boring long story for the day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday's Challenge, sorry so late!

Scrapbook about something funny that happened to you!!!

Sorry this is soo late but things have been going 100mph around here! I had a day of getting tile, fixtures, and toilets! I never thought I would even care what kind of toilet I would want or what color sink I would want.... craziness!!! Anyways.... I was with Amy last night, she is doing better, moving around more. She goes home tomorrow so that is good news!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A submission from Renee Brown!!!

Wacky Wednesday Challenge Three

Send an email to a friend just because and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tag Tuesday Challenge Two

Here's mine!!
Do a l/o with the tags that come off your scrapbook supplies make sure to include the prices somewhere, so you can see how they change over the years!!!

Well I talked to Amy's husband earlier today and she said she is well, but in a lot of pain. I plan to go see her tomorrow and stay the night with her!

We had a pretty laid back day over here! I did get all the January layouts done woohoo!!! So I started working on some other Christmas presents. I made some ornaments for my cousins and one for myself. I bought them like a year or more ago and I am just now doing them!!! I will take a picture when they are done!!! I don't think my cousins read my blog so I should be good!!
Tomorrow is my sister's 21st birthday! She is such a cutie!! She has had a rough couple of days so I hope she is able to have a nice birthday!! Her Dad is taking her to Vegas in January to celebrate. He told her to bring a friend. I told her to bring me!! She laughed.... ummm..... Anyways I am excited for her she is taking her boyfriend Trig. cute!! Well as you can see I am pretty boring tonight. We are watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Movie. I sooo want this collection!!! Other than that Jaxi is screaming at me to move!

Monday, November 26, 2007

ME Monday Challenge One

Create a layout about YOU!!! Using this sketch!!! Now go create something beautiful!!! You have until 11/30 to submit!!!

Sketch by Lucy Folch

This day just flew by! I got up for my turbo kick class and then went upstairs to workout with Ken. I was feeling really good! I got through my leg extensions and then I headed over to the leg press machine. I had just completed my first set of 50's!! It sounds harder than it is... Trust me it's hard but it's fun!! Anyways I went to crawl out of the machine to give my legs a break and I only used one arm to get out. I should have used both like I always do. Well I pulled something in my back and I was done. I did some stretching but it wasn't helping. I did get my back to pop but it just wasn't enough. So I decided to call it quits. I felt like such a wuss! But I think it was a good idea that Ken said I had had enough and to go home and do some heat and ice! I got home applied some heat and it seemed to help.
I kept Johnny home from school today he was still coughing and I didn't want him running outside. We played in the basement most of the day and I actually got to work on some stuff for our January class!!! Fun fun fun!!!! Then I had an appointment with our cabinet guy, Dave at the house. I was having issues with the island, it was too small & too skinny. I met with him to change it up a bit. I am now loving it!!! And I can get all 3 of my boys around it with plenty of room for me and some friends! I just keep thinking that these two little knuckleheads are going to big one day and I want to make sure we don't grow out of our home, because I AM NOT MOVING AGAIN!!!! lol! The brick is almost done just the front to go! I am loving it! We should have sheet rock in about two weeks. OMG that is exciting! Well gotta get back to our shows!! Little People Big World!! Chow!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I hope everyone had a great holiday with their families and friends. Did everyone get great deals on Black Friday?? I shopped online this year and I can say that I am done with the boys and have maybe one or two things to get and then I will be 100% done!!! I want to just enjoy the month of December and just bake and wrap presents!!
I hope to see more challenge entries this week!! The dead line is November 30th!!! You only have to do one to qualify for the drawing!!! Good Luck!!! I will post them again this week so you don't have to scroll through last week!! talk to you all soon!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


YEAH!!! We have a submission for the challenges!!! Kathy Johnson was the first to get her layout submitted for Sunday's Challenge!!! Congrats Kathy!! You can go to Kathy's blog to check out her layouts!! I also put Kathy's name in the jar for the 11/30th's drawing. You just need to submit one layout to get your name is the jar!!!!

Well after having a few rough, overly emotional, roller coaster days. I think it all just hit me like a ton of bricks today. I slept most of the day. It was the perfect day to do so!!! It was awesome to wake up tot he snow on the ground!!! I love snow. I still get giddy seeing it just like a little kid! love it! I hate being cold but seeing snow is worth it!! :)~
I did go to the Attic to get my stuff for January's class and I plan on getting busy on that tonight!! The store looked great!! And can I add how easy it was to find everything. Usually when I go into a store and things are all "changed" I get all flustered. But when I went into the store last night it just felt sooo organized!!! And it just made sense!!! Okay am I making sense?? Anyways the decorations!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! Who wouldn't everything is PINK!!!! And Sarah I even love your purple tree!!

Okay now I want to go decorate!!! I just talked to Kev about the house and he said there is a good chance we will be in by the end of JANUARY!!!!!! OMG that would be awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!!!

On a another note. I finally talked to my Mom this afternoon. She is doing fine. She moved down south with her brother. This is a good thing. She has taken her first step to becoming healthy. This is such a relief. She told me she is not completely happy about being where she is at but she knew she had to do what ever it was going to take to get over this hump. This made me feel better but at the same time very sad for her. Thank you again for everyone's uplifting words.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Challenges I have completed so far!

Challenge One

Challenge Two
Challenge Three

Black Friday Challenge Five

I am grateful for my BOYS!!!!

On this day in history- Make a layout about your birthday, you can go to famousdays to find out what happened the year you were born.

I hope all of you have fun and be safe on Black Friday!! I hope all the deals come your way!! Good Luck & Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thoughtful Thursday Challenge Four

Challenge Four
Send an email to a friend just because.....

Happy Thanksgiving

More Free Graphics at

We don't have really big plans for the day. Kevin's Mom is coming over for a Mexican lunch. . We are watching the Macy's Parade right now. Johnny really seems to be enjoying it. I got a tree up last night. It is a small 3 ft tree and it is sitting on my dresser in my living room. It's one of the boys trees. So I thought I would use Johnny's ornaments to decorate it. It has cars, truck, and gas station tanks all over it. It's cute and they were excited for it.

Kevin went to the game last night. I had thought I was going to have a relaxing night and scrapbook the night away..... Well I got a phone call about 6pm for our cabinet guy. He wanted to come over and go over our price list. So I was like okay great! I ran to Taco Shop to get some dinner for the boys. Dave got here about 30 minutes later. The boys did really well. They played trains while he was here. But also while he was here my home phone and cell phone was ringing off the hook!!!! Like every 15 minutes. I was like wth is going on. It was my family. I had to hold off calling them back until after Dave left. Once he left I called them all back. We conference called each other. Because we are all spread out all of the states now. My Mom's 2 brothers are coming to get her today and they are taking her with them. Ohh let me back up a bit.

Yesterday afternoon. My brother called me and was like what is our plan for Mom?!?!? After I had talked to him I had to call my Mom. I had to tell her everything I was going through about her coming here and what she needed to do before she came here. I asked her what she was going to do and she said that she was going to go where people like her go. She then said I still love you and she hung up. She was at my brother's when I was talking to her. My brother than immediately called me and was like what is going to happen?? Then while I was talking to him my Mom came running out of the house and threw her stuff in her car and left. Frankie was yelling where are you going, what are you doing?? She was just hysterical!! She just drove off. She didn't say anything. Frankie was crying. It was a terrible experience being on this side of the phone not able to hug him or go after my Mom. So I immediately called the family. Then that is where the night started and the family got involved and is going after here. She finally answered her phone and they found where she was. So I am hoping and praying that everything is going to be okay today when they tell her she is going with them. Last night my sister put her in a hotel and stayed with her through the night. So I know she was safe.

Thank you to all of your amazing advice and kinds words. I am truly overwhelmed by all of you. Thank you soo much and I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Much love to you all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wacky Wednesday Challenge Three

More Graphics at

Scrapbook about something funny that has happened to you!!
Half way there, remember anyone can play and the due date is 11/30!!!
Have a great day!

Just got home from the gym!! Had a great workout!! I think my arms might fall off! I am suppose to meet with the cabinet guy to get the final stuff ironed out. Should be interesting because he is also going to give us the prices....

Well last night was the longest night ever!! I got the phone call I was wanting and dreading at the same time. This phone call completely drain me emotionally. This family member is wanting me to take them in. As much I want to do this. I don't think if it is for the best plan for her. She is completely lost when it comes to deciding what she is wanting to do with her life. I feel like my family is looking at me to pick up the pieces. I know it would be a huge responsibility to take her in and a strain on my family. She of course doesn't see it that way. I think she thinks about how great it would be to be close to us and be around the boys and get to know them. But in the back of my head I am like where are you going to live? You don't have a job right, so you have no income. How are you going to financially support yourself and think about moving across the country. Is this where I am suppose to pick up the pieces. Am I suppose to take her in, support and take care of her emotionally and financially?? This is a huge thing for me to even think about. And honestly I don't think I can handle it. I have been drained by this person for a very long time.... I don't think I can take much more. I hate to have these feelings, but it makes me angry in a way. Angry at the situation. I think why can't she keep a job?? Why is it every time she gets a job there is always someone against her?? Why does she keep losing her home?? Why is she staying at my sister's apartment that is vacant and has no electricity? All of these questions I have and I don't think she is thinking very rationally or logically. But how do you say that to someone who is already unstable? What happened to her??? She use to be so strong willed and now she is just here at a stand still. So today I have to call her and give her my decision. Last night I was sooo upset I couldn't even speak. My brother had to get on the phone to get me to speak. I told him I didn't know what to say....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag Tuesday Challenge Two

Do a l/o with the tags that come off your scrapbook supplies make sure to include the prices somewhere, so you can see how they change over the years!!!

Well I am doing pretty good getting the challenges done but not so good at posting them!! My days are just flying by soooo fast! I can't believe Thanksgiving is Thursday!! OMGoodness! We are having Mexican for Thanksgiving and lotts of baked goods!!! Yummy!! It is just going to be us 4 and Kevin's Mom is coming over for the day.
I actually slept in a bit today!!! Thank goodness!! I sooo needed it!! I could have slept longer but I kept hearing someone yell MOM!!! I actually thought it was part of my dream. By the time I got to Johnny he had yelled MOM 100 times according to him! Anyways I have got this bubba to learn how to fully handle himself in the bathroom after he completes some business..... anyways.... any advice on that one??
After Johnny went to school I went down south to have lunch with my Dad. I picked him up from the auction house and we headed to Mexico City for some burrito goodness! But first I had a pit stop at a friend's house!! During lunch I was telling my Dad about what has been going on in Crookland and how my Mom, brother and sister were doing. I had just told him for the first time my family seems to be headed in the right direction and they all sounded happy. Well then on the way back to the auction house I got a phone call from my brother and then a few minutes later a call from my sister. Someone is MIA again. I don't know if I told you all but last week I was really struggling with some family stuff. This person went MIA in a hysterical, unstable frame of mind and left some what of a suicide note behind. This really rocked my world. Well this person is MIA again. And doesn't seem to be thinking rationally. Another family member is trying to help my brother, sister and I with this situation. To say the least my happy day and thinking my family was happy went to pot real fast! I was told not to worry but how can I not?? This person won't answer the phone. I am 100's of miles away and feel completely helpless. Even if I were to go I think I would feel completely helpless. I don't know what to do. Believe it or not scrapbooking has been helping me get through this day!

Monday, November 19, 2007

ME Monday Challenge TWO

Sketch by Lucy Folch

Create a layout about YOU!!! Using this sketch!!! Due date & instructions are on Sunday, 11/18's blog!! Now go create something beautiful!!!

Yeah I got to scrapbook today!!!! I started my day out early with my OMG kick my ass literally workout!! I made the mistake of telling Ken that I wasn't sore after our workout on Friday.... ha! Let's just say my legs were ON FIRE!!!!! It felt awesome!!!! Not too awesome Ken!! LOL! Anyways I got home got Johnny off to school. Ran a couple of errands found the best crop sweats EVA They are pink with a blinged out princess crown on the hip soooooo cute!!!! I finally got home and starting scrapbooking!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here it is!!!

Okay this is the week for challenges!!!! Everyday this week there will be a challenge!! These challenges aren't mandatory or required for the class but they are just for fun and will add pages to your book!!! So here is the start!!! And be sure to check back daily for your challenge!!

Challenge One of the Week!!!

Make a layout based on your best & worst quiz!!!

Here is the quiz!!!!

  1. My favorite smell of all time:
  2. The worst smell ever:
  3. My best physical feature:
  4. My worst physical feature:
  5. My finest accomplishment:
  6. The worst trial I've overcome:
  7. My best subject in school:
  8. My worst subject in school:
  9. The best place I've ever lived:
  10. The worst place I ever lived:
  11. The most endearing personality trait:
  12. The most annoying personality trait:
  13. A time I felt invincible:
  14. The closest I've come to death:
  15. The best meal of my life:
  16. The grossest thing I've ever eaten:
  17. The season I look forward to the most:
  18. A month or season that I dread:
  19. My favorite room in the house:
  20. My least favorite room in the house:
Okay here are just couple ideas to get your MOJO flowing!!! I want to see a layout with at least 5 positives & negatives about YOU!!!! First one to post on their blog & email to me gets a RAK!!! If you don't have a blog just email me!!!! Good luck!!!!!

Remember there will be a challenge every day this week. I know Thanksgiving is this week so for the challenges that are Monday thru Saturday you will have extended time to get them done!!!! Who ever participates gets their name in a jar for another RAK!!!! So it's fair game, you can do 1 or the whole weeks worth and you've got a chance for a RAK!!!! So okay girls bring it on!!!! Deadline is 11/30!!!! Just be sure to email when you complete a challenge!!!

Thank you everyone who participated in the poll!!! I appreciate the time you took out to do it!!! I plan on doing polls randomly to keep myself on track!! Thanks again!!!

Challenge Time

OMG!!! Has it really been as long as I think it has been since I posted a challenge?? Well I think it has!! So check out tomorrows post and look for the new challenge for aweso{ME} class!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Where did this day go??!?!?! Today is my Mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

I had plans to finish up some Christmas shopping, but I got a call from my Dad this morning. We ended up going out for lunch!! We were at lunch for 21/2 hours. It was nice. We laughed, talked, it was good!! By the time we were done it was time to go pick up Johnny. I worked out this morning so I was tired by the time I got home. I crashed on the couch like a sack of potatoes!! I tried a new class this morning. Technically not new but I took the second half of the class that I normally take. It was 30 minutes straight of an ab workout!! HOLY SHIT!!!! I was dying!!! seriously!!! Why do people do this to themselves???!?!?! anyways I know I am going to be feeling it tomorrow!!! eeks!!

We really don't have big plans for the weekend. It should be pretty relaxing. Although tomorrow night I am going to have dinner with some girlfriends!! I am really looking forward to a relaxing night with some great ladies!! Should be fun!! Other that, that I am scrapbooking maybe pop into the attic to get some goodies!! woohoo!

On a serious note. One of Johnny's friends from school is in the hospital. She went in because she had pneumonia. Well she ended up having surgery this morning to clear her lungs and there were complications and they had to stop the surgery and she went in for a second surgery later in the day. She is now on a ventilator to help her breathe. We are so sad for her. Please say a little prayer for Ashleigh.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

such a lazy day

It was such a lazy day but I got a ton of stuff done! Is that possible!?!?!? I stayed home all day cleaned for a little bit, reorganized some stuff and then I got to play in my scrapbook stuff. I have several different little projects going on right now!! I am making a 6x12 book for Amy of all the cakes she has made over the years, a book of all our house plans, my stuff- layouts I need to get caught up on and of course started doing some stuff for my awesome class!!! I swear the area looks like a bomb went off!!! Not pretty. Well Kevin is wanting to watch some of our shows and he can't hear over my typing so later gators! I hope to post pix tomorrow!!
Okay I can type through this show, Don't Forget the Lyrics. I am so excited I just started reading a book. First let me tell you, I do not read! I think I am a little bit ADD when it comes to reading. I just can't seem to focus. Anyways, I am reading the book called, Eat, Pray, Love. I am loving this book. It is soo hard to even put down!! I spent two hours reading just this morning. It is about a girl my age going through a divorce and she has decided to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia in search for everything. It is funny, deep, sad, and not over the top in your face religious. I totally recommend it! If I can read this anyone can! It's been on the best sellers list for awhile now!!! It is an amazing book. Love it!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yeah it's cookie night!!!

Just got done making cookies with the boys. They are still warm. yummy!!! well I soo got a lot done today!! After my morning workout and getting Johnny off to school. Kevin, Jaxi and I went shopping for cabinets!!! fun so much fun. We have such a laid back guy that is taking care of us. Bonus he is local who an awesome show floor. SO I can go anytime to look things over. He totally knew my style over the few conversations we had. We are going with natural maple cabinets throughout the house and the island in the kitchen is going to maple with a chocolate glaze!!! And the best room in the house my scrapbook room is going to be maple with the chocolate glaze!!! I am soo loving them and how everything has been falling into place! I go look at the house and I still can't believe we are building this house. It seems so surreal. Maybe once we have lived there for a while it will feel real!! Well after cabinet shopping Kevin and I went out for lunch. It was fun to spend the day with him!! After lunch we went to go get Johnny from school and then Johnny and I were off to get my nails done and his hair cut, along with some eyebrow waxing!!! btw I was soo over due on the eyebrow wax, it was a little scary!!! I love hanging out with just Johnny and running around town. He is soo cute while I was getting my nails done he was taking care of all the ladies in the salon. As soon as they walked in and saw they were looking at colors, he would walk over and ask them what color they were looking for. He even made suggestions. He would say things like, "this one is sparkley" it was too cute!!!! Then he was telling people all about his brother and his day at school. too cute!!! He soo proud of his brother!! After all our running around we headed to Bella Luna to get some dinner! Johnny was sitting at the bar with me while we were waiting for his food and he was totally making friends with the waiter working the bar!!! Geez he is such a cutie!!!!! Love that little man!! Well gotta get back to those cookies before they are gone because trust me they will be gone before the night is over!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shopping nightmare....


Man I miss our old neighborhood!!!! That's my old house with the red car in the drive. :(

Have you ever gone shopping and found that everything you brought home was the pile that you tried on and set aside because it didn't fit you?!??!! Well that's what I did last night. I went jean shopping and you know how much fun it can be to shop for jeans..... after trying on several pairs I made a pile to keep and a pile to give back tot he lady. I took home by pile to give back. I went to give my jeans to Kev to wash and they were all the wrong ones!!!!! I was sooo irritated with myself! I just thats what happens when you try to shop for yourself (something I rarely do) with your boys!! ha! I have to laugh at myself!!!! So this afternoon just Jaxi and I went to go do some exchanging while Johnny was in school!
Well I did all my pureeing this afternoon. It took me about 2 hours between baking and pureeing. I pureed chicken, carrots, butternut squash, yellow squash and spinach. Let's just same the butternut squash smelled soooooo good and the chicken smelled good just looked not so good... ha! Anyways we made applesauce muffins with butternut squash in them, for dessert!!! YUMMY!!!!!! Soo a keeper for breakfast, dessert and snacks!!!! Well I think I am going to go do some scrapbooking tonight. Kev is headed to the dealership to do some work. This is when I get a lot done the boys a sleep and Kev gone!!! I am going to start pull some ideas for layouts together for January's class! So excited for that!!! Please participate[ate in the poll if you are taking the class!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Started my day out at 4am again! WTH!!!! is that all about! I did go to my turbo kick class and then I worked out with Ken. He warned me he wasn't going to easy on me!!! He had me doing free standing swats!!! I could not believe this!!! I did it!!! He fully spotted me but I did it!!! The first two sets with just the bar and the second two sets I added weight. It was freaking awesome!!!! I still can't believe I did that!!!
Well I didn't really do nothing as I had planned. I did have a nice relaxing day though! The boys and I went to do some Christmas shopping!!! It was fun!!! I also got my Deceptively Delicious book!!! I am soo excited!!! I am going to start this week with some new recipes! I am having Kev take me to the grocery store tonight to get my goods!!! I am going to start with some oatmeal with pumpkin, applesauce muffins with butternut squash, quesadillas with butternut squash, grilled cheese with sweet potatos, and tortilla cigars with yellow squash ans carrots!!! I am soo excited!! I am going to start next week full speed for the whole fam. OMG I don't know what it is going to be like to make one meal instead of 3 meals every night for dinner!!!!! The beast part of the book is there is a recipe for PINK PANCAKES!!!! I am serious!!! I soo want to try them!!! I am also going to get this other book called the Sneaky Chef

by Missy Chase Lapine. I will let you know how it goes!! Here is a link to some of her recipes!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Love Sundays

Sundays are our day to relax around here! We don't get dressed until the afternoon. Or not even at all if we don't have to!! I got to scrapbook all day and the boys played trains all day! It was great! I did head to the grocery store later this afternoon. But I love grocery shopping so to me it works for my "relax" day!!! I go by myself and stroll down every aisle, love it!!!
I am soo excited because I have not scrapbooked any of my own stuff in like forever!!! So today I went to town. I got two layouts done and I am starting a third! I hope to do the same tomorrow. I will post them tomorrow when I have some good light! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Instructions

What a great class!!! Wow!!! I am really meeting some great ladies!! We had some newbies today!!! Totally great to meet them and add them to our class! Aweso{me} job everyone!!! Here are the instructions from todays class!! Click on picture to make it bigger if you want to see all the details!

Take a look at me & my day

1 Attach 1/2 Bazzill flower to left side of Bazzil cardstock
2 Attach overlay on top of bazzil flower
3 Attach with staples ribbon to bottom left hand corner overlaying over lay

4 Ink with chestnut roan ink around the block 10x4 paper the adhere to layout
(make sure it is under overlay)

5 Attach H/S playing card on an angle

6 Ink title before attaching with pop dots on letter "M" t

ie some ribbon around one of the legs

7 Add picture to layout rough up edges if you like

8 Add H/S bling randomly on layout

9 Stamp date

10 Print daily schedule on 81/2 x11 transparency, cut into strips, attach using adhesive and add staples to make it look like that is what is hold your transparency strips on your layout. You don't have to do every single strip just here and there.

11 With Crystal Laquer go over over title & look at me on transparency

12 Add stickles for ... at end of title and around outer edge of Bazzil flower

This is my style...

1 Using a pencil create 3 swirls freehand in three different sizes. Keep in mind to leave space for your picture and title. Try to put the swirls kinda in the middle of the layout

2 Attach brads on top of swirls. I used arpox. 200 brads

3 Title was handwritten

a- use pencil to write out title "This is My Style"

b- go over it with black American Crafts Marker Med Point

c- Thicken different parts of the letters w/ A/C pen

d- Add more shaddoes with black colored pencil

e- Go over entire title with clear stickles

4 Picture (a) attach a 4x10 b&w picture to right hand side of layout (b) w/ second photo I printed a 4x10 colored copy then cut out my body inked the edges in black ink & attached over b&w photo with pop dots

5 Print journaling cut into strips. Journaling should be about what kind of style you have when it comes to clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes ect…

My words....

· Cut Sassafrass- Crème Brulee/dreamstreet papers- daydreamers/Hopes 2-1x12” strips & 1- 1x6” Attach 1x12” strips to Bazzil cardstock one on top & one on bottom keep the 1x6” strip for later

· Cut Sassafrass- Delectables/dreamstreet papers Day Dreamers/Musings

1 solid circle * 7” in diameter. Attach to middle of layout

2 hollow circles 1- *71/2” & 1- *9” Attach making them overlap one another

*these are just my dimensions you can make them any size you want

*I used the Curvy Circle Cutter to cut my circles the perfect shape!!

· ew on your solid circle- make a starburst pattern

· Attach picture(s)

· Ink library pocket & cards, now you will use the 1/2x6”strip of Sassafrass Crème Brulee/dreamstreet papers-daydreamers/Hope- tear these into 2 strips attach

staples to strips before attaching to the front of the library pocket front.

· For the date, I used a piece of library card, inked it up with chestnut roan ink & attached to the front of the library pocket


Add H/S bling on pocket & to the corners of layout

Add buttons randomly on top of circles

The History of ME!!!

1 Cut Heidi Grace Designs mushroom/stripe pp 2- 1x11” strips

2 Cut Dreamstreet Papers- Unique Boutique altered journal 10x11”

3 Align all 3 pieces on 12x12 Bazzil Blossom cardstock. Adhere so they are centered in the middle of the Bazzil

4 Attach transparency on top of Dreamstreet Papers- Unique Boutique altered journal. You will have to cut the transparency down to fit on layout

5 Sew around the perimeter on Bazzil Blossom a straight stitch

Sew a zigzag connecting Heidi Grace Designs mushroom/stripe pp w/ transparency on top & bottom. Also sew a zigzag stitch in the middle of the transparency. (Make sure to stay on the transparency and not to run onto the out edges of the Bazzil cardstock)

6 Attach embellishments

7 Adhere clip to top right hand corner of layout. Put your name & date on paper then ink around the edges of the paper. I used left over pieces of Dreamstreet Papers- Unique Boutique altered journal

Remember to email your journaling to so we can print your 12x12 transparencies!!!!

Sneek peek of December!!!!

Well I am ready for tomorrow!!! Are you? We are going to have soo much fun!!
I can't wait to show December's layouts tomorrow! I just finished them up tonight, thanks to Steff helping me with some titles! Talk about getting down to the wire to get things done! This is soo not me!! But with everything thing that I have going on lately me mojo was not available for service?!?!?! SO just the other day it came back!!! Like literally yesterday! Well it is late and I have been up since 4am!!! So I am headed to bed so I can function some tomorrow!! See you all soon!! Nite!

Ken I ate quiche w/ veggies for dinner!! :)~

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Picture Information for Class!!!

Okay Ladies!!! It's time to get out those challenge pictures!!!

Pictures needed:
This is my Style (2) of the same picture of yourself 4x10 is what I used!! I printed it right off my
computer! I made one in color & the the is b&w. Just a suggestion but you can print it however you want!! Remember it's YOUR layout!!!! And have FUN!!!!

Take a look at me & my day (1) 4x6 picture of yourself

My Words
I used several different sized pictures from different times in my life

The History of Me
There are no pictures!!! If you remember from class we used the awesome 12x12 printer to print our lives at different decades of our lives. Did that just make sense?!?!?! So if you decide to do this layout. Start a Word file and and start remembering your life and what it was like for you in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and today! Here's a sample of what I wrote:


The 80's were fun for me! My brother was born in 1982 and I was soo excited to be a big sister. And in 1986 my sister was born. I remember being involved in so many different things. I was dancing, singing, acting and modeling. I had my first magazine come out in 1982. So excited. I remember shooting for Shape Magazine in front of where they filmed LaVerne & Shirley's show. I kept thinking maybe they will come out skipping & I will meet them! I also remember many trips
in the car to Hollywood or Los Angeles for auditions. I can remember my Mom putting my knees in the mud and wiping mud on my face for a audition. The 80's were good times! We lived in a beach city so we spent a lot of time at the beach. I also remember big hair, NEON, high heels with socks, thinking I wanted to be Tina Turner. I also remember the sad times of the 80's. My parents divorced. My Mom started working.We moved out of our home
into a cramped apartment. Life got really hard and I saw less and less of my Dad.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thank you!!!!

WOWOWOW!!! I am totally overwhelmed by your comments!!! Thank you so much you all are soo kind!!! Things are still uneasy and very crazy right now. I just feel like I can't get ahead. More things keep coming into my life. I know as my Mom and Nonna would say that God will only give you what you can handle, but geezlaweez!!! I am breaking here! It's amazing how stress and sadness can take over your body and make you feel crazy!!! I sooo agree I need to spend sometime with my Mom and my Mom needs to spend some time with me. Timing is everything right now with her. I have tried to get her here but she seems to have "reasons" for not being able to come. She is going through some really hard times right now. I can't talk about it specifically but it is really breaking me down. I worry about her soo much. She is so fragile right now. Something I am NOT use to ever seeing when it come to my Mom. I think this is why everything is really getting to me.
I pray that this too shall pass and she will be fine.
I can tell you how very nice it is to know I have such wonderful, loving, supporting friends!!! Ame's I appreciate the sumpthin sumpthin's!!! Love you girly!!!! I am going to try and focus on the positives in my life. And hope that the sad situation going on in my family heals.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Nothing was my plan for the day. And nothing is not what I did!!! I ran all over today like a crazy person. I have been soo tired lately. I just don't have any pep in me! Do you ever feel like someone/thing is pulling you in 14 directions and if you let go of one them something bad would happen to them/it?!?!?! These past couple of weeks have felt like that! I have had some things going on in my family that have just been soo overwhelming. I got a phone call a couple of nights ago that just tore my heart out!!! I am here in KS and they are there and I felt soo helpless b/c I was here!!!! I miss being with my family. I miss the love and support of a family. I miss my brother picking on me. It's been so long since I have seen my Mom and Sister. My Nonna and Papa are getting older and they always talk about seeing my boys but they won't travel here and it is soo expensive to go where they are. I don't know if it is because the holidays are coming up. Maybe it's b/c of what happened the other night and I thought I could loose someone very close to me. I have sooo many things to be happy and grateful for here in the cheerio, KS but I keep thinking about what I am missing out on being away from my family. I have Kevin's family but they don't even speak to one another. Totally opposite of my family. I guess I just miss their affection and how close all of us are! I do talk to them on a daily basis but it's just not enough. I mean my Mom hasn't even seen Jaxi yet. And the last time she saw Johnny he was 18 months old. What the hell is that!?! Okay if I keep going on I will just be that more upset. I don't even know what this blog is all about but it's just somethings that have been on my heart...

Kinda of a laid back day yesterday!! I did get my workout in at 5am!!! I am sooo loving my turbo kick class!!! Loving it!! After that I went and got a quick upper body workout with Ken. I had to be out of there by 7:30 b/c I had a date with my Dad. One of his really good buddies owns one of the top tile/stone companies in the states and he has a showroom here in Wichita! So I headed to the showroom and looked over so tile and stone for the house! It was was overwhelming!!!! Jay (my dad's buddy) suggested I meet up with one his friend's daughter's who is all into interior design. She was AWESOME!!! She knew exactly what I wanting, wall colors, flooring ect.... it was amazing!! She was sooo on the same page! So I went home with a ton of samples for Kevin to look over. I came home and I had totally different colors than I had og planned. I have always been in love with terra cotta tile. But after seeing the true Tuscan tiles I immediately fell in love with them. So I think Kev was a little surprised with what I brought home but I think he liked them! It's soo exciting!!! After my morning adventure I had to get back to my normal get Johnny ready for school ect... After taking Johnny to school. I noticed my phone was ringing off the hook while I was putting Jaxi in his car seat. I had missed 14 calls!!!! WTH!!!!!?!??!?!! It was Kevin, you would have thought he was dying or something but he was freaking out because he couldn't find his keys and he had appointments to be at!! Ummm.... I looked in my purse and there they were! ooopppps! I had taken his car in the morning down south b/c I try to keep the miles of my truck so I can keep it longer! Plus if Kev needs to go somewhere, he'll have car seats for the babies!
Anyways the rest of the day was pretty low key. Hung out with Jaxi the rest of the afternoon. Went to go get Johnny after school. Headed out to the house to check on something. And headed home to make dinner. And to make my spinach/carrot induced brownies. Well Johnny was super excited for brownies! He loves chocolate!!! He ate two of them!!! woohooo!!! I even put carrots in is spaghetti O's!!! Love it! I can NOT wait for my book to arrive!
After getting the kids to bed, Kevin and I sat down to watch our Monday night shows. We watched Tell Me You Love Me. Then at 9pm I fell asleep on the couch. I only woke up b/c Johnny came out to the living room at 1:30am to ask me what the hell! So I got up and went to bed for the night. I think getting up at 5am had finally caught up with me....

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A new way of eating!!

I am on a mission to feed my kids healthier food! They do eat pretty healthy- no fast food(except a burrito from Taco Shop), no fried food and no soda(except for a Sprite once in a blue moon with Johnny's burrito) :)~. So yes they eat pretty good but I want them to eat even better. Like eat from all 4 groups of food! I found an old recipe for the kids to make food using pureed veggies!! I started with sweet potatoes & carrots tonight!! I made home made pizza out of whole wheat bagels cut in half 1T of carrots & 1T of sweet potatoes and mixed it in with their pizza sauce. Added toppings and they ate it!!!! They didn't even know it!!! Fabulous I thought!!! I even am going to make brownies with spinach & carrots tomorrow night!!!! Should be interesting!!! Tonight I used up all of my sweet potato stash to make sweet potato pancakes for the boys for the morning. I am so excited because I made enough for the whole week. You just freeze them, it just makes it so easy for the rest of the week! The list goes on as to how many ways there are to get your kids to eat healthy!!! So I was talking with my cousin Missy today and come to find out she was doing the same thing I was doing steaming veggies & pureeing them for the boys, funny huh?!?! Anyways she was telling me about this book, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. It is all about sneaking veggies and fruit into your kids diets!!! I am sooo excited to get this book!!! Anyways I hope that it helps improve the diets of my boys in a 4 food group healthy kinda way!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November's Classes

Is everyone ready for November's aweso{ME} class??? November 10th!!! Mark your calendars!!! Make sure you are signed up!! This class is going to be fun, fun, fun!!!!! I will be posting the supply list this weekend so you can come prepared to have a BLAST!!!!!

Had a nice day today!!! Hung out with Michelle after dropping Johnny off for school! He really loves Tues & Thursdays. He gets to play outside first thing and he loves to run around!!! He made a new friend today so he was all excited about that tonight at dinner!!! Well I am heading to bed early gotta get up early for a mean workout that Ken is promising me! I think I am a little scared!!!