Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I feel like this year our holidays are kinda going to lag.... We are living in the cherrio and I don't have any of our holiday decorations to decorate with (they are all packed) and we didn't have a neighborhood to trick-or-treat in this year. We did try to the make the best of it!! Jaxi has had a ear infection along with a bad chest cold so I didn't want him out in the cold wind, so technically it was okay we didn't have the neighborhood to trick-or-treat in!! The boys were excited to go trick-or-treating. Johnny was really excited!!! We decided to go to the mall. Well I had no idea that going to the mall was going to be crazy!!! It was wayyyyyy ghetto! It was actually kinda sad. I thought this was going to be fun and it was but it just was ghetto!!! The candy that they were giving out was a crock! Okay I know that just sounded totally mean but seriously how many kids like peppermints??? Even Candyopolis was handing out peppermints! Hello you are a candy store you should be giving out the goods!!!! Anyways the boys had fun and that is all that mattered!! And after tonight I will be dumping the candy anyways!!! Well maybe in a couple of days... Although with as little as they got it will probably be gone tomorrow :(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Went out to the house today!!! It was fully wrapped!!! That means we passed inspection!!! woohoo! They are starting to brick the house very soon. They were setting all their stuff up for it!!! Kevin met with the heating and air guys yesterday. We are getting the kind of heating an air that requires NO GAS!!!!! It is all ran on well water!!!! So NO HEATING BILLS!!! Or a/c units on the property!!!! This is going to be soooooo awesome!!! Expensive to set up but so energy & cost effective in the long run!!!! Plus we will have two wells so our water is FREE!!!! wooohooo!!! So many breaks sooo far when it has come to building the house!!!! We are sooo grateful that everything is going as planned and then some!!!! Eric is doing such a great job with everything!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Had kinda of a crazy day today! Got up early 5am to workout. I took the turbo kick class again. I am loving this class. Soo much fun!!! After my class I went upstairs to do legs and a little bit of arms. Michelle I learned something new today remind me to show you for legs!!! After I got home i showered barely could eat my breakfast and crashed on the couch until Jaxi woke me up at 10:30. Poor guy has been sick all weekend. I went to get him out of bed this morning and he had(warning graphic) spit up a lot of phlegm and all around the phlegm it had bleached his sheets white. I called the Dr right away. He got him in to see him right after I took Johnny to school. Come to find out he had a really bad ear infection in his right ear and a slight ear infection on his left. Poor bubba!! So I got him loaded up on Amox & Yogurt. So we have been trying to hang low but you know how that goes sometimes...
I did get some grocery shopping in this afternoon and the checkout girl was making crazy. She was gabby cathy to so other lady and she rand up 6 different things twice. So I am going to go back tonight and get that fixed. My grocery bill seemed higher than normal so I actually look at my receipt something I never do. I was sooo irritated!! Anyways it's also an excuse to get me to go develop so pictures I have been dying to scrapbook. I have been working on several different layouts but I haven't been able to finish them b/c I have no pictures!!! So I think I am going to go take care of that stuff after the boys go to bed!!
NOt too exciting around here! I did go out to the house on Saturday and we have windows!!! woohoo!!! It was too funny I called Michelle to go with me and told I wasn't going anywhere else just to the house to see the windows. She was like I am still in my jammies. I told her don't worry no one will see us and we are getting out anywhere! ha! When we got there, there were guys on the roof and I asked her if she wanted to go inside. She was like I am in my jammies! I told her they won't pay any attention to us!!! ha! They giggled at us as we walked inside!! just a little funny!!! I know Michelle is loving me right now....
ps. Johnny's thumb is doing much better. It looks just a little pin hole.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Went to Walters today for the Christmas Open House!!! Here are some pictures!!