Sunday, November 4, 2007

A new way of eating!!

I am on a mission to feed my kids healthier food! They do eat pretty healthy- no fast food(except a burrito from Taco Shop), no fried food and no soda(except for a Sprite once in a blue moon with Johnny's burrito) :)~. So yes they eat pretty good but I want them to eat even better. Like eat from all 4 groups of food! I found an old recipe for the kids to make food using pureed veggies!! I started with sweet potatoes & carrots tonight!! I made home made pizza out of whole wheat bagels cut in half 1T of carrots & 1T of sweet potatoes and mixed it in with their pizza sauce. Added toppings and they ate it!!!! They didn't even know it!!! Fabulous I thought!!! I even am going to make brownies with spinach & carrots tomorrow night!!!! Should be interesting!!! Tonight I used up all of my sweet potato stash to make sweet potato pancakes for the boys for the morning. I am so excited because I made enough for the whole week. You just freeze them, it just makes it so easy for the rest of the week! The list goes on as to how many ways there are to get your kids to eat healthy!!! So I was talking with my cousin Missy today and come to find out she was doing the same thing I was doing steaming veggies & pureeing them for the boys, funny huh?!?! Anyways she was telling me about this book, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. It is all about sneaking veggies and fruit into your kids diets!!! I am sooo excited to get this book!!! Anyways I hope that it helps improve the diets of my boys in a 4 food group healthy kinda way!!!!


3divasmommie said...

OMG!!! I saw her on Oprah and I have to try it. I am going to take Ella to Barnes and Noble tom to hang out...I will get it then!!

princess jeffier said...

My mom just bought this book and I so snagged it and brought it home with me this weekend!! I am gonna try and sneak some veggies on Rich & Chase, I look forward to hearing about more results at your house!!

Summer said...

I am going to make the brownies tonight!!! I'll let you know how it goes!! If you go to you can get some of the recipes from the book. Like the chicken nugget recipe, with broccoli mixed in!!! Even the brownie recipe is on there too!