Thursday, November 8, 2007

Picture Information for Class!!!

Okay Ladies!!! It's time to get out those challenge pictures!!!

Pictures needed:
This is my Style (2) of the same picture of yourself 4x10 is what I used!! I printed it right off my
computer! I made one in color & the the is b&w. Just a suggestion but you can print it however you want!! Remember it's YOUR layout!!!! And have FUN!!!!

Take a look at me & my day (1) 4x6 picture of yourself

My Words
I used several different sized pictures from different times in my life

The History of Me
There are no pictures!!! If you remember from class we used the awesome 12x12 printer to print our lives at different decades of our lives. Did that just make sense?!?!?! So if you decide to do this layout. Start a Word file and and start remembering your life and what it was like for you in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and today! Here's a sample of what I wrote:


The 80's were fun for me! My brother was born in 1982 and I was soo excited to be a big sister. And in 1986 my sister was born. I remember being involved in so many different things. I was dancing, singing, acting and modeling. I had my first magazine come out in 1982. So excited. I remember shooting for Shape Magazine in front of where they filmed LaVerne & Shirley's show. I kept thinking maybe they will come out skipping & I will meet them! I also remember many trips
in the car to Hollywood or Los Angeles for auditions. I can remember my Mom putting my knees in the mud and wiping mud on my face for a audition. The 80's were good times! We lived in a beach city so we spent a lot of time at the beach. I also remember big hair, NEON, high heels with socks, thinking I wanted to be Tina Turner. I also remember the sad times of the 80's. My parents divorced. My Mom started working.We moved out of our home
into a cramped apartment. Life got really hard and I saw less and less of my Dad.


aday said...

Ok I am going to admit right now that I am the girl in the very back on the short bike way behind. Explain this 12x12 printer and life span thing. YES I did miss last month musta been ALOT cause I am confused

Summer said...

It's a printer that prints right on your 12x12 layout!!! It is AWESOME!!!!