Friday, July 18, 2008

A New Blog?!?!?

Hey Friends! I am having to change my blog:

I am having problems with blogger and it excepting change in my email. So the easiest thing to do is make a new blog! Pain in the ass but will make things easier for me to update and read and leave comments. As of right now I can't comment on anyone's blogs, argh! So be sure to book mark me so we can keep in touch!!!

Well things are slowly getting better. Slowly... We had a couple of set backs yesterday. The electricians came to install our stove top and oven and our microwave. Well we got 1 out of 3 installed. The stove top fell through the hole of the granite!! I kid you not the granite was cut the wrong size. So the granite is going to be taken out and a new one is going to be recut. Then we went to install our wall oven and the hole for the oven was too big. This morning I went to go to the appliance place to get different appliances. Come to find out I bought the largest appliance I could get and the holes have to be repaired/replaced!!! AHHH Is all I can say. Then this morning we had our electrical inspection and we didn't pass. Which is typical, but then they weren't going to be able to get us in so we could get our over all inspection done in time for us to move in before our lease was up. So we paid extra to have after hours inspections done just so we could get a temporary move in pass. I know this is soo boring but it is crazy for us. I feel like I have been living in our house but without furniture or my family. I just don't sleep here. Okay I am totally rambling sorry! I am just in over my head with this whole building of our home. Well, I am now trying to get our TV's set up and ready for the move and let me tell ya kinda of a mess. We are changing everything from COX to Dish. I am so far not impressed with getting it set up. We have set 2 separate appointments and still no installation. AHHH more frustration!!!! All in all everyone in our house is doing okay through everyting. The kids are a little freaking out about all of stuff moving around. Well Johnny is. But we are trying to keep things "normal" for them as possible. Well gotta get my fam some dinner, hope everyone is having a great day! Nite!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am running out of time....

Well I am sitting at my new kitchen island. It is gorgeous by the way. The kids are playing quietly and that is making me a little nervous. But I am going to continue to type until I hear a yelp for me! I got up at 6am this morning to get my workout out of the way so I could get to the house extra early to wait for the people to drop off the appliances. When I got here not a soul was here! There were suppose be concrete people, carpenters, painters, ect... No one. I sat for 2 hours and finally the appliances showed up. When they did they were just dropping them off. No putting them in the house. I asked the kids who were dropping the stuff to please put it in the house. I have electricians and plumbers coming this afternoon to install. They tried their best and the appliances are too big to fit through the doors. I was flaming!(not at the kids but the situation) The kid was like if your concrete was done I could have come through your front door... All's I can do right now is take deep breaths... This whole idea of moving in this week is slowly vanishing. Looks like we will be getting a hotel for a few days! Anyhoo that is what has been going on, a whole lot of nothings. I am still waiting for people to show up. I was promised a time this afternoon so I am not leaving until they do! And when they do I may have to vent some frustrations!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Working at the carwash...

The boys and my Dad washed my truck today while cleaned out the garage! Johnny arranged this day with his Grandpa! They did a really nice job! I told my Dad he needs to do this every Sunday! He said as long as I helped it would be all good! After the car wash we went to get some lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming. Johnny practiced some more of his diving. He is getting pretty good at it! It's amazing how fast he picks things up! After swimming and dinner we all went back out to the house and did some more cleaning before Homemaids gets there tomorrow to do the big clean! We start moving in tomorrow night! I am soo ready! We pretty much had a relaxing weekend, a much needed relaxed weekend! Especially since we are going to spend the week moving in!! I hung out with Amy all day Saturday. I did take the boys home for dinner and then I was back to play in her scrapbook goodies! That girl has some serious scrapbooking supplies! We reorganized all her goods in her new space! Kevin asked if I got my fill of organizing in for the week since I haven't been able to do much of it here in the cheerio. Especially since we never really unpacked!! Anyways had a pretty pretty good weekend!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where are the days going??

Well so much has happened over the past couple of days! I don't even know where to start! Of course most of it is house stuff! Cleaning starts Monday, moving in starts Monday night!! woohooo!
Everything is pretty much done. Just the touch ups from painters and cement! Which is being worked on right now!!! That has been quite the experience! Anyways its over almost and I couldn't be any happier!

Last night Amy came over and helped me mark all the walls up with green tape to help the painters get all the dings! We also had to just kinda hang out while the blinds people were doing their stuff. My Dad ended up coming by after a meeting he had and brought us some beers to just relax while we waited. It was nice to just relax. We did manage to hang all the shelves inside the cabinets! My scrapbook room got done at least! Some of the cabinets in the kitchen were way too tall for us shorties! Then we went out to dinner just the two of us. Ummm let me just say The Monterey place on North Rock Rd. Is a total dive. I highly do not recommend the place. It was soo nasty! Anyways the night ended and we both went home! Thank you Amy for all your help!!

There is soo many other things going on but if I haven't lost you already I won't bore you with the rest! Hope everyone has a great Friday!!! The sun is shinning and that makes me happy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 Posts In 1 Day...

I made Amy a key chain!! She gave me the patches to add to it!! I think these are so her even though they are pink!!! Again the acrylic piece came from my SAL kit!! It's by Maya Roads!

Even though this morning I was totally bummed that it was raining. I did get the opportunity to come home put on some comfy clothes and hang out and scrapbook almost all day. I haven't done this in forever. I've been needing to make this book for a gift and I was able to get it done today!! As time allows I am thinking about adding these books to Etsy! Maybe even some kits for Etsy but definitely one's already made up!! LMK what you think?!?! Good idea?!?! Way off??!?!

It's only Tuesday?!?!

omgoodness, things have been soo crazy busy!! We got carpet this weekend and I love it! What a difference! I have been going out to the house and cleaning after everyone leaves. Last night I went out and cleaned out the garage! While I am cleaning the neighbor for across the street came over and introduced himself. He was very nice, he has 6 daughters, could you imagine?!??!! The only thing is they are all grown. I will be doing the same today and then I think I am done. I am meeting with Kandi, from Homemaids to come out and look the house over tomorrow. She will be cleaning it the rest, but I just didn't want to freak her out with all the work. Not that she couldn't handle it, just me and my OCD taking over.... Anyways my cement ordeal should be over. Lupe promised me a circle drive today!!! So after my workout I will be heading out to see if he kept his promise!! Okay enough about the house! Although I want to get pictures of the cement because we are going to put the boys hand prints in the sports court. SO you know me being the scrapbooker will be getting that on my camera.

The boys are doing great! Johnny is back to his swimming lesson routine for his next two week session. He was soo cute last night. He were on his way home from lessons and he wanted to call Grandpa. He told Grandpa it would be a good idea of the two of them wash Momma's truck on Sunday. Then my Dad told him after that they could go swimming. He talked to him nonstop for about 20 minutes. I don't know if my Dad really got any words in... So my son! Such a planner!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally a day of relaxation!!! Love the holiday weekends! The boys and I spent the day with Grandpa at the pool!! Johnny had a big day yesterday. He helped Grandpa install a door handle and a dead bolt. He thought it was great!!! Using the drill and all... Then we went off to the pool and Johnny learned how to dive just like I did as a kid!! From my Dad! Last we ended the night with another tooth coming out, well... with a little help from me bribing Johnny with a train and me pulling it out!!! It popped right out, no tears!! The Tooth Fairy made her rounds and once again Johnny woke up at the crack of dawn to show me what she brought him!! 4 shiny quarters! After I finally got Johnny to bed I got my kit out from Scrap-a-latte!!!! And look what I made, a new key chain for myself. I had the Elsie stickers already! I think this is the first time I was able to have something with my name on it without having to custom order it!!! Remember when you were a kid and you could have your name on your barrettes?? Well my Mom always had to custom order them because they never had my name!!! Well not anymore, fun!!!




Jaxi wearing Johnny's fins!!

I can't believe I caught him in mid air!! Love my Rebel!

Look how Johnny is still watching my Dad as he dives in the pool, cute!

Grandpa helping Jaxi put his fins on again...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Update!!!

Happy 4th Of July!!!!
Johnny and I sat on the porch and watched what fireworks we could see. We were out there for about an hour. He was having a good ol' time running around trying to catch up with all the different directions they were coming from!! Jaxi didn't make it, he was whooped and hit the hay about 9pm which is an hour past his bedtime. So he did pretty good for as late as it was!

We went out to the house last night. And I took some new pictures!!! Check out my scrapbook room!!! Love how girly but not being little girl with all that pink!!!

This is the chandelier in my 1/2 bath up stairs!! Love it!The Dining Room. The hardwood floors are almost finished!!!

The kitchen!!! Those are some of our window treatments on the floor in those boxes!!

More Kitchen!!

The kitchen, this is the view from the living room. I put that same fan in the living room since this space is completely open. At the last minute I switch out some fixtures in 4 different rooms.

Our garage doors and trim got painted!!And the fixtures are up out side!!!

The basement living room!

The bar & Johnny being a goof ball!

More of the bar!

The master shower!!!

We are getting closer everyday, we have to be out of the duplex by the 20th so I have been even more so busy than the past few weeks staying on everyone's hineys! Fun.....
Okay off to the pool with the boys and my dad. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family & Friends Book

Well I haven't gotten my new plaque pictures posted yet, imagine that! lately I feel like I am drowning in chaos! I just keep telling self this too shall pass and keep moving forward! Family motos!! Things have been ultra chaotic with labor people and just getting people to move and get things done!! A little on the beyond frustrating side! Anyhoo! I am taking a day off today to recoup and hang with my boys! I miss them but I am with them everyday, go figure! We went swimming on Monday and it was just the 3 of us at the pool, it was sooo nice and relaxing! Other than that I did finish up an album I have been working on for awhile now. You know all those pictures you get in the mail from family and friends. Well I have been putting together a book of all the pictures and last night I finally finished!! It is super simple and just made of chip board. It's just a 8x8 book!!! I hope to take pictures of it later and post them along with the updated plaques!! Have a great Wed!