Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tag Tuesday Challenge Two

Here's mine!!
Do a l/o with the tags that come off your scrapbook supplies make sure to include the prices somewhere, so you can see how they change over the years!!!

Well I talked to Amy's husband earlier today and she said she is well, but in a lot of pain. I plan to go see her tomorrow and stay the night with her!

We had a pretty laid back day over here! I did get all the January layouts done woohoo!!! So I started working on some other Christmas presents. I made some ornaments for my cousins and one for myself. I bought them like a year or more ago and I am just now doing them!!! I will take a picture when they are done!!! I don't think my cousins read my blog so I should be good!!
Tomorrow is my sister's 21st birthday! She is such a cutie!! She has had a rough couple of days so I hope she is able to have a nice birthday!! Her Dad is taking her to Vegas in January to celebrate. He told her to bring a friend. I told her to bring me!! She laughed.... ummm..... Anyways I am excited for her she is taking her boyfriend Trig. cute!! Well as you can see I am pretty boring tonight. We are watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Movie. I sooo want this collection!!! Other than that Jaxi is screaming at me to move!


Michielle said...

Good Morning!! I'm anxious to see your ornaments that you made. Sometimes those are the best things on a tree!!......Tell Amy that I'm thinking of her and hope that after all this initial surgery pain, that she will feel much better than before!!! So sorry to hear that she is so uncomfortable. Tell them to bring her more pain meds!!!....All my love from Burden, KS