Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Challenge!!

On this day in history- Make a layout about your birthday you can go to to find out what happened the year you were born!!
Due Date is today!!!! I will pull a name tomorrow morning!!! Good Luck!

Well not to much going on today! I am whooped! I have had this head/chest cold thing! It is kicking my hiney! Kevin made me sleep in this morning! WOW what a difference sleep can do for a person! I slept in until after 9am!!!! I didn't even make it to the gym!! Sorry Ken! My body just needs a day of rest so I can get over this lame cold! It's more annoying than anything! ya know...
Kevin is going to go pick out all our appliances this morning! I am staying home! We have gotten so many over the past two years he knows what I want. I know that sounds ridiculous or you are like wth??? Why are you buying so many appliances?? We lived in Bel Aire for a really long time and once we got pregnant with Jaxi we decided to get a bigger house that we could grow into with our already growing family. When we sold the house we gave our appliances away to the new owners. We bought a house in Reed's Cove. We really liked it, we thought we would be there until the boys would finish HS. Well little did we know the house was a lemon. Like seriously. It was built with the cheapest material and it was literally falling apart at the seams! literally!!! So we had to fix everything and we sold the house within a year or less of being there! So when we sold that house we left our appliances behind. We found another house in Reed's Cove. We knew that this house would be totally temporary. We were thinking like 5 years. We thought this would give us time to find the house we wanted. well...... Kevin got an itch and he was sick of putting money into a house that was not going to be ours. So after two plus years at looking at houses we decided to build. And of course the people that bought our last Reed's Cove house asked for our appliances all of them but our washer & dryer!! It made it nice for all the moving and not having to move the appliances but it sucks buying them every time!!! BUT this is going to be the LAST time for a long time! Or I told Kevin he could move and the boys and I will enjoy living and growing up in the same house! ha! :)~ He didn't like that idea! So anyways... that's my boring long story for the day!


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