Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shopping nightmare....


Man I miss our old neighborhood!!!! That's my old house with the red car in the drive. :(

Have you ever gone shopping and found that everything you brought home was the pile that you tried on and set aside because it didn't fit you?!??!! Well that's what I did last night. I went jean shopping and you know how much fun it can be to shop for jeans..... after trying on several pairs I made a pile to keep and a pile to give back tot he lady. I took home by pile to give back. I went to give my jeans to Kev to wash and they were all the wrong ones!!!!! I was sooo irritated with myself! I just thats what happens when you try to shop for yourself (something I rarely do) with your boys!! ha! I have to laugh at myself!!!! So this afternoon just Jaxi and I went to go do some exchanging while Johnny was in school!
Well I did all my pureeing this afternoon. It took me about 2 hours between baking and pureeing. I pureed chicken, carrots, butternut squash, yellow squash and spinach. Let's just same the butternut squash smelled soooooo good and the chicken smelled good just looked not so good... ha! Anyways we made applesauce muffins with butternut squash in them, for dessert!!! YUMMY!!!!!! Soo a keeper for breakfast, dessert and snacks!!!! Well I think I am going to go do some scrapbooking tonight. Kev is headed to the dealership to do some work. This is when I get a lot done the boys a sleep and Kev gone!!! I am going to start pull some ideas for layouts together for January's class! So excited for that!!! Please participate[ate in the poll if you are taking the class!!


3divasmommie said...

I went to Barnes and Noble and WM yesterday and I couldn't find the book!! SOLD OUT!!!! UGH...I really want it...if you find any let me know!!

Summer said...

Borders has it!!! A ton of them and it's on sale!! $18.00 Right when you walk in the store!!!