Saturday, November 24, 2007


YEAH!!! We have a submission for the challenges!!! Kathy Johnson was the first to get her layout submitted for Sunday's Challenge!!! Congrats Kathy!! You can go to Kathy's blog to check out her layouts!! I also put Kathy's name in the jar for the 11/30th's drawing. You just need to submit one layout to get your name is the jar!!!!

Well after having a few rough, overly emotional, roller coaster days. I think it all just hit me like a ton of bricks today. I slept most of the day. It was the perfect day to do so!!! It was awesome to wake up tot he snow on the ground!!! I love snow. I still get giddy seeing it just like a little kid! love it! I hate being cold but seeing snow is worth it!! :)~
I did go to the Attic to get my stuff for January's class and I plan on getting busy on that tonight!! The store looked great!! And can I add how easy it was to find everything. Usually when I go into a store and things are all "changed" I get all flustered. But when I went into the store last night it just felt sooo organized!!! And it just made sense!!! Okay am I making sense?? Anyways the decorations!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! Who wouldn't everything is PINK!!!! And Sarah I even love your purple tree!!

Okay now I want to go decorate!!! I just talked to Kev about the house and he said there is a good chance we will be in by the end of JANUARY!!!!!! OMG that would be awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!!!

On a another note. I finally talked to my Mom this afternoon. She is doing fine. She moved down south with her brother. This is a good thing. She has taken her first step to becoming healthy. This is such a relief. She told me she is not completely happy about being where she is at but she knew she had to do what ever it was going to take to get over this hump. This made me feel better but at the same time very sad for her. Thank you again for everyone's uplifting words.


Christie said...

So glad to hear that things are going a little better with your mom! Hang in there chickie. We are praying for you!