Monday, November 26, 2007

ME Monday Challenge One

Create a layout about YOU!!! Using this sketch!!! Now go create something beautiful!!! You have until 11/30 to submit!!!

Sketch by Lucy Folch

This day just flew by! I got up for my turbo kick class and then went upstairs to workout with Ken. I was feeling really good! I got through my leg extensions and then I headed over to the leg press machine. I had just completed my first set of 50's!! It sounds harder than it is... Trust me it's hard but it's fun!! Anyways I went to crawl out of the machine to give my legs a break and I only used one arm to get out. I should have used both like I always do. Well I pulled something in my back and I was done. I did some stretching but it wasn't helping. I did get my back to pop but it just wasn't enough. So I decided to call it quits. I felt like such a wuss! But I think it was a good idea that Ken said I had had enough and to go home and do some heat and ice! I got home applied some heat and it seemed to help.
I kept Johnny home from school today he was still coughing and I didn't want him running outside. We played in the basement most of the day and I actually got to work on some stuff for our January class!!! Fun fun fun!!!! Then I had an appointment with our cabinet guy, Dave at the house. I was having issues with the island, it was too small & too skinny. I met with him to change it up a bit. I am now loving it!!! And I can get all 3 of my boys around it with plenty of room for me and some friends! I just keep thinking that these two little knuckleheads are going to big one day and I want to make sure we don't grow out of our home, because I AM NOT MOVING AGAIN!!!! lol! The brick is almost done just the front to go! I am loving it! We should have sheet rock in about two weeks. OMG that is exciting! Well gotta get back to our shows!! Little People Big World!! Chow!


aday said...

ok because I am a little slow and I know I am the blonde in the back on the short bike peddling fast trying to keep up I need a list all together of all the challenges up to date. I get confused..