Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag Tuesday Challenge Two

Do a l/o with the tags that come off your scrapbook supplies make sure to include the prices somewhere, so you can see how they change over the years!!!

Well I am doing pretty good getting the challenges done but not so good at posting them!! My days are just flying by soooo fast! I can't believe Thanksgiving is Thursday!! OMGoodness! We are having Mexican for Thanksgiving and lotts of baked goods!!! Yummy!! It is just going to be us 4 and Kevin's Mom is coming over for the day.
I actually slept in a bit today!!! Thank goodness!! I sooo needed it!! I could have slept longer but I kept hearing someone yell MOM!!! I actually thought it was part of my dream. By the time I got to Johnny he had yelled MOM 100 times according to him! Anyways I have got this bubba to learn how to fully handle himself in the bathroom after he completes some business..... anyways.... any advice on that one??
After Johnny went to school I went down south to have lunch with my Dad. I picked him up from the auction house and we headed to Mexico City for some burrito goodness! But first I had a pit stop at a friend's house!! During lunch I was telling my Dad about what has been going on in Crookland and how my Mom, brother and sister were doing. I had just told him for the first time my family seems to be headed in the right direction and they all sounded happy. Well then on the way back to the auction house I got a phone call from my brother and then a few minutes later a call from my sister. Someone is MIA again. I don't know if I told you all but last week I was really struggling with some family stuff. This person went MIA in a hysterical, unstable frame of mind and left some what of a suicide note behind. This really rocked my world. Well this person is MIA again. And doesn't seem to be thinking rationally. Another family member is trying to help my brother, sister and I with this situation. To say the least my happy day and thinking my family was happy went to pot real fast! I was told not to worry but how can I not?? This person won't answer the phone. I am 100's of miles away and feel completely helpless. Even if I were to go I think I would feel completely helpless. I don't know what to do. Believe it or not scrapbooking has been helping me get through this day!


jodie said...

Oh girlie...I'm so sorry to hear you are having family troubles!! My thoughts are with you and my prayers are with your family! Just keep your chin up and know that you will get thought this and your family will be okay! I know I don't know you well but you seem like such a strong, positive person..so just draw from that strength and know that while we may not understand God's plan, he knows what's right for our lives. My thoughts & prayers are with you!

Deb said...

Gosh Summer, My prayers are with you! Wish I could give you a hug!
Hang in there.....


Steff & the gang!!! said...

SUMMER!!! I was just saying today how strong I thought you were, and how I would be if in your exact situation.........what to do??? I can't even IMAGINE what thoughts are running through your head.....I'm thinking and praying for you and your "family" member.......be thankful for YOUR for the strong, independent woman that all of this has taught you to be!!!!