Thursday, November 15, 2007

such a lazy day

It was such a lazy day but I got a ton of stuff done! Is that possible!?!?!? I stayed home all day cleaned for a little bit, reorganized some stuff and then I got to play in my scrapbook stuff. I have several different little projects going on right now!! I am making a 6x12 book for Amy of all the cakes she has made over the years, a book of all our house plans, my stuff- layouts I need to get caught up on and of course started doing some stuff for my awesome class!!! I swear the area looks like a bomb went off!!! Not pretty. Well Kevin is wanting to watch some of our shows and he can't hear over my typing so later gators! I hope to post pix tomorrow!!
Okay I can type through this show, Don't Forget the Lyrics. I am so excited I just started reading a book. First let me tell you, I do not read! I think I am a little bit ADD when it comes to reading. I just can't seem to focus. Anyways, I am reading the book called, Eat, Pray, Love. I am loving this book. It is soo hard to even put down!! I spent two hours reading just this morning. It is about a girl my age going through a divorce and she has decided to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia in search for everything. It is funny, deep, sad, and not over the top in your face religious. I totally recommend it! If I can read this anyone can! It's been on the best sellers list for awhile now!!! It is an amazing book. Love it!!!!!