Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Layouts & Wall Hangings!! Or wall hangings & layouts....

I played with my Cricut & Vinyl today!!! I made the boys signs to put over their bedroom doors!! Johnny of course has a vintage train room and Jaxi's room is going to be vintage sports! Finding stuff for Jaxi's room is soo hard! Plus Kevin has a no NY teams aloud int he house rule!!! That makes it even harder!! Hello Mickey Mantel!!??!!! Anyhoo! I can't wait to try the software for my Cricut and make something big for my wall!!!

Okay I needed to add something to these wall signs... So I added buttons of course!! Any other suggestions?? I will post the updated version tomorrow!

A day at the Park with Grandpa

I love these ip close and personal pictures of the boys!!! I used embroidery string to frame Johnny picture!! And used a rub on on top of the flower mirror. The mirror by itself was to flat! I love this cloud paper so much I've used it twice!!!

Had a really nice weekend! Spent the day with Amy yesterday. We went and got our nails & toes all done up! She has never had a mani/pedi so it was fun! Then I spent the day running around town with her and my boys! They were in the worst of moods but it was fun anyways to spend time with just Amy!!! Saturday night Kevin made me dinner for our anniversary and he got me a new PINK Coach purse! Love it! He surprised me with it a couple of weeks ago!! Still love it!!! After dinner it was off to run more crazy house errands. Lately I am up to my eye balls in door knobs! Who knew they were so complicated! Today we have just hung around the house all day!!! I am still in my jammies and I am just now making dinner! Love these kind of days especially with ll the running around we have been doing. It was nice to stay home and do literally nothing.... well I did play with my scrapbook stuff but that it fun!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today Is My 11 Year Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

some pictures of the granite from my phone

These pictures are kinda bad because I took them in the dark with my phone!!

Master bath

downstairs bath


bar, I just love the black circle sink!!

bar top up close

Good Morning, ummm kinda a long one!!!!

Just a quick hello! I can't sleep! It's 5:50AM, why am I awake??? I woke up like it was 8AM!! Oh well It is quiet and I am enjoying the peace. These past 4 days have been nonstop from the time I wake up to the time I get home at 10:30pm. I haven't even been able to put my babies to bed and tuck them in and give kisses in 4 nights. I miss that! This week is a big week at the house a lot is going on. Yesterday started with me back at the Dentist chair for my last session!!! Yeah!! Although I will say Dr. Chang took very good care of me. I walked out feeling great! Just sore once the numbness wore off. After the Dentist it was off to The Counter Top Place. Seriously that is the name of the place. Our granite was installed yesterday. Everything but our island in the kitchen. It soo big that Robert wanted it to be just like I wanted. The technology is amazing!!! I was able to see just where the granite was going to be cut and what parts were going to be on the island. The piece is soo large because it is also our kitchen table. (the island is three levels- sink level, bar top level and table level) So today a big ol' truck is bringing a big ol' crane to hoist the granite into the house! I can't wait to see it! So after the granite meeting I had to go get my boys. They were such troopers yesterday!! We then headed to the bank, met a person to pay them some mula, made a FEDEX drop, went through a drive-thru to get the boys bean & cheese burritos! (so my boys) Headed to the house to meet Robert (granite guy) again to double check everything on the island. With granite you kinda only get one chance to get it right... so he was checking ever way possible and we ended up adding another 5" to the table top area! Met with my tile guys to talk back splash, talked to the painters. Then I finally tracked my cement guy down which has been like a week of phone calls and for some reason yesterday he called me back. So I met him talked to him about the forms for the circle drive. All the time I had the boys. Thank God Andy was there (Amy's brother) Johnny talked his ear off literally and blew up hand gloves to entertain him and Jaxi just kinda ran around. After a few hours of all that I went home got Johnny for swimming. But on the way home I stopped and got the boys slushes!!! And Amy my fabulous BFF told me about AirSupply coming to town and Kevin LOVES AirSupply!!! And COX was giving FREE tickets away for their concert here in town!!!! So I picked up tickets for us to give him for our anniversary this Saturday! First of all sometimes I think Amy knows Kev as much as I do! She is always looking out for me!! Thanks friend!! Love you for that! Kevin hates for people to buy him gifts so everything I give him is made or something like that... sooo this gift couldn't anymore perfect!!! It's at the golf course. It's one of his favorite bands and it's a free concert! So he can't complain! I can't wait to tell him!! So anyhoo after we went home and got ready for swim lessons we headed North to go swim. Thank God Scott was there he sat and played in the pool with Jax so I could just sit and watch Johnny swim! After swim lessons I headed to Knollas for dinner. With everything going on I have no food in the cheerio. I mean NO FOOD!!! SO after dinner I went back out to the house met the cement guy again went over all the forms he placed and figured out where we want the cement exactly... fun stuff! After he left the garage door was open. Well the garage is taller than the average door. 8 foot. I am 5 foot. So I had to climb on the Cadillac hang from the garage door (literally) to get it down all the while my new neighbor across the street is watch me!!! Nice! Anyways off to the grocery store and then I got to go home shower and go to bed!!! I was pooped after being in the heat all day yesterday. And today is going to be the same!!! First I am headed to the gym to get my stamina going for the day!!! That always helps!!! And Amy the drink, ummm delish!!! I tried clear and lets just say I think I am ready for the day!!!! SO much for a quick hello! Have a great Thursday!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some of my new layouts

Jaxi swinging on the swings at the park!!

Of course this one is for Kev!!! This has to go in our history books!!! This was a proud & exciting night in our house!!

The boys and their haircuts or how Jax has still not had a haircut at 27 months!!

Johnny the bubble blower!! He is very serious at his job!! Blowing bubbles for Jaxi to watch and chase!

Johnny at his swimming lessons. He has totally picked up where he left off last year!!! He is doing awesome swimming under water!! And learning his strokes!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This week has just flown by! And I am still flying even with some days of just doing nothing! I have been running all over town getting last minute things together for the house and trying to keep up with the boys. We started swimming lessons this week. Johnny is doing really well. It helps that he is swimming with his friends! Today I am cleaning the cheerio and getting ready to move out! I am actually packing things and throwing away a ton of stuff! I figure if I haven't used it for the year that we have been here than why do I need it now. Kevin and I have a rule under normal circumstances if we don't use it in 6 months we pitch it or of course donate it to GoodWill.

It feels soo good to move things over to the house to be installed. Counter tops go in this week, fixtures and all the electricity goes in and we get running water!! The floors are looking amazing! Someone told me our foyer looks like an episode off cribs! crack me up! Anyways. There is soo much going on on top just building the house. We are having a pretty good summer so far.

On a personal note we have some major things going on in my family that needs much needed prayers. I won't talk about it but it is extremely serious and extremely near and dear to my heart.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is gorgeous outside enjoy it!!!!

Oh I did get some scrapbooking done and got a few layouts done I have them on my camera but I just need to find some time to download them! EEKS! It was soo much fun to scrapbook some stuff again and play with my new stuff. I think I only used some of my new paper but i didn't realize how pretty and cool Heidi Swapp's Paper was recently!! Same with Crate Paper!! Perfect for summer layouts! Anywhoo have a great one!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a relaxing day....

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858
Johnny, 2005
We are soo not doing much today! We are just hanging out. Kevin went to KC to play golf and won't be home until after midnight!! He is soo excited to play at this swanky golf course that one of his warranty reps is getting him on! Anyhoo. I am just hanging with the boys! After running around yesterday I am ready for a day of chillin' out!! So I got up to go to my last Dentist appointment and I wasn't on their schedule. Which was fine with me, I have had so much work done in the past two months oy vey!
So Johnny decided he wanted to write a letter so we are going to go to the post office to mail it! He is really looking forward to doing this all by himself. After that just swimming and swimming lessons! Just a laid back day!!!
I am looking forward to the evening after the boys go to bed! Not that I don't enjoy every moment with them!! But since Kev is going to be gone I am soo looking forward to getting my hands on some scrapbooking products!!! I have gotten a ton of new stuff over the past couple of months but haven't even touched it! I have a pile of pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked!!! A few months ago I joined a scrapbook monthly kit club!!! From Scrap-A-Latte of course!!!! It is soo nice to have new stuff come to you and I don't have to go to a store! Although I do miss the store atmosphere and seeing everything but right now I don't have the time to shop for things. So by getting the kits I feel like I have a personal shopper!! Any ways I think I am rambling again! Okay off to the PO!!! Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Fun Fun...

It's not too early but early enough that I am the only one up! I like this time of morning. It's quiet and I have time to just relax before the monkeys get up!! ;) Not too much planned for the day, which is kinda nice. I am freaking out just a little bit how everything is coming together at the house. Last night Kevin and I went out to the house to measure some windows for shutters. Well we went in the mud room and the tile back splash was up and the counter top was on. And we both hated it!!!! That moment we made a phone call and we are having a different counter top put on. In the process of everything we went with a different tile & counter top company. The first time I picked things out I picked them out together and coordinated everything. The second time I did it separate and didn't even think about what the back splash was going to look like next to the counter top. Just that it would look good on the floor. Soo first thing this morning I woke up thinking about the bar and my master bath. I am going to go down and taking my tile to match it up to the granite. Just to make sure I like it, especially since it gets cut next week!! I swear this house is all I think live and breath right now. In the beginning I did some stuff here and there but now it's all we do!!!

We gave our notice her at the cheerio so we are trying to stay out of a hotel! July 14th is our last day to be at the duplex. Sooooo everything is happening right now and fast! Anyhoo!!! I know I am rambling about all this house stuff but it is just on my mind and I am ready for it to be done!!! I just want to be settled! And stop saying to the boys, "when we get in the house you can...." Like the little things, like play outside, blow bubbles on the drive way, run around, play ball, have fun washing the car. I'm afraid to play outside over here in the ghetto. Just this weekend the Police dropped my neighbor off with a suitcase...nice is he a convict living next door, sharing walls with me?? And the neighbors who just got kicked out waved a confederate flag in their garage. On top of the college kids who drive 100 mph in there beamers. I am telling you there are all kinds over here in the ghetto! I feel like the old lady on the block who is totally paranoid! I just I just don't want my kids to get shot or ran over! lol! Seriously!

Okay I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! And I pray the sun starts shinning!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Happy Father's Day!!

Yes my boys are never dressed...

We have a busy relaxing couple of days!!! Does that make sense?!?! It is Father's Day and I got up early and went out for breakfast with my Dad. It was nice to be just the two of us! I ate a hot meal! And it was delish!!! After breakfast I made Kevin an apple pie and we went to Knollas for dinner. Totally relaxing day just hanging out!! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!

Over weekend I got up early went out to the house and cleaned like a crazy woman, which is not a far trip for me. I picked up after all the construction people. I threw away 3 trash bins of water bottles, sooo not impressed! These were all through out the house and in the back yard!!! You should of seen me I was covered in mud from head to toe!!! Then I went inside and swept the whole house. I got a little taste of cleaning the thing!! OMG it is going to take me forever!!! After a wash down from the hose and a shower I took the boys swimming while Kev was playing golf.

Friday night with the ending to Johnny's week to Vacation Bible School. There was a program that the kids were putting on for the parents. Johnny wasn't to sure about going in the beginning of the week but by Friday he couldn't wait to sing!! He did a great job!!
I know there are sooo many other things that went on this weekend but I don't want to bore you all with the list of the little things...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally some updated pictures of the house painted!!!!

The Basement Living Room

The Bar

The Upstairs Living Room

Andy (Amy's bro) installing my marble floor in the foyer.

The deck

The Kitchen

The Office

The Dining Room

The Stair Case

My Scrapbook Room

The front of the house

The Mud Room

Johnny's Room

Jaxi's Room


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things happen in 3's around me...

Where has this week gone?? We have been crazy busy! I am soo dragging by the time I get home I literally crash on the couch. I have barely been on the computer, checked emails, returned phone calls. It is ridiculous! I just have too much going on this week! To start this week off I got a really scary phone call from my Mom. My sister Savannah was in a seriously bad car accident. She is extremely lucky to be alive. I talked to her finally last night and I did everything I could do not to ball my eyes out listening to her tell me about her accident. I just thank God for looking over her. Please say a prayer for her, she really needs them.

I am telling you things happen in 3's I truly believe this! This has definitely been on of those weeks! Jaxi fell, Savannah's car accident and last this one was on me! Today I went to make the final decisions on granite colors. I went to the place and they have all their slabs outside. And of course my luck there are stairs to go and view the slabs. It was a beautiful windy ass day in Kansas and I literally wiped out the stairs! Top to bottom baby! My dress flew up over my waist! And yes I was wearing a thong!!! And the guy who is helping us turns around just after I fell from top to bottom and says I was just about to tell you to be careful, the stairs are slippery!!! Well as he turned around he got an eye full of Summer!! I was sooooooo EMBARRASSED!!!! None the less mortified that I just mooned this guy I just met and then some! I just kinda sat at the bottom of the stairs actually on the cement floor and was in shock that, that just happened!!! Okay this is sooo only me! I had to laugh at myself. I was lucky I didn't really get hurt although I got some stucco burns (I scraped the stucco building as I fell down) on my elbow. Anyhoo! Long story short while Robert was showing me the granite after my fall he offered to give a free granite upgrade! I don't know if it was from the free peep show I gave him or the fact he didn't want me to sue him for the slippery stairs! I am really hoping he was just a nice guy!! lol!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last of the buckets!

Surfing & Baseball

Princess & Fishing

Baseball & Princess

Hannah Montana

Friday, June 6, 2008

We had another one of those busy days!!! I thought since my boys had been couped up for 2 days of errands that I would take them to the park and let them run free!!! Well we met up with our friends Michelle and her boys. The boys were playing really well together for almost an hour or so and then all the sudden Jaxi was running in the jungle gym and there was a rock climbing area that had an opening that the kids could climb in and out of. This opening is 5 feet off the ground! He fell right out of it and landed on his neck. I flew over to him and scooped him up. He was really startled and crying. But his crying didn't last very long. This made Michelle and I worried. He was clinging on to me and we were trying to see if his eyes were dilated. His eyes are soo dark it's kinda hard too see. We happen to be in Bel Aire next to the Fire Station!! No one was there! They had left on a call! We were hearing voices but ended up being the walkie talkies. Then all the sudden the garage doors were going up! The trucks were coming in and the boys were standing in front of the garages as the trucks were coming in! I bet the firemen were surprised to see little people waiting for them to greet them back! Anyways we had the firemen look Jaxi over, he seemed to be okay just startled! Then Jax noticed the trucks and the firefighters let all the boys climb all over the trucks. Jax still wasn't too sure. But then he wanted down and he let a fireman scoop him up and he put him in the driver seat and had him turn on the lights!!! His little, well big brown eyes just lit right up and he was smiling again! It was a rough day as a Momma but ended up turning out alright and the boys had fun!!

The firefighters even took pictures and e-mailed them to me before I got home!! How awesome was that!!!! Thank you Station 37!!!! You guys rock!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still trucking along...

Princess Bucket

Football Bucket

Dinosaur bucket

This is Johnny's little buddy he grew! Isn't he lovely!?!?! lol!!! He can't wait to give him a hair cut and dress him!! I told him he needed a body for him first before he could dress him!

Literally! I felt I like I was living out of my truck today!!! The poor boys were in my truck for about 4 hours running from East Wichita to West Wichita a few different times! We got everything done, I don't know how but we did! When we got home all 4 of us crashed on the couch! We were whooped!!! Plus I think the wind had gotten to us! It's also a lot of work getting the boys in and out of the car a dozen or so times!!!

While I was out I did manage to get the rest of my supplies for my Party Favor order! I was loving the rain tonight because it motivated me to get some going!!! Here are the 3 I got done! Only 8 more to go! Each party favor is being made specifically to what the child is in to!!