Friday, February 29, 2008

I am sooo loving this weather!

I have had a fantastic day!!! I went out to lunch with my Dad and after lunch Jaxi and I walked to the park near Johnny's school. We played for a while met some other Mommas. And then walked back to school to get Johnny. This is the kind of day I have been needing. We have been sooo on the go that we aren't getting to have much fun!!! It's nice too to have that one on one time with Jax!!! He was whooped after playing at the park!! Love it!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it's been a busy day!!!

Well I got everything done that I had on my agenda!! Worked out, met with trim carpenters, got pictures taken, loaded pictures!!, and headed out to pick up tile for the house. Well I went to get the tile but I didn't come home with any... I got there brought my cowgirl truck and the guy asks me do you want to take it all now or do want to get some of it now and the rest later?? I was like I want it all now. Well he takes me to it and he shows me how much tile we ordered. There are three pallets full of tile. ummmm I am thinking great I am going to have to make a couple of trips. I didn't even think about how I was going to unload them once I got home and how long it would take to unload. Then the guy tells me each pallet weigh one ton. Ummmm are you saying I have THREE TONS of tile???? WTH??? How in the world am I going to do this?? Where the heck am I going to put all this?? The house is still unlocked so I can't take it there.... And OMG unloading of it, wth am I going to do??? All of this is freaking me out. I called my Dad and he was like babe you need a fork lift. I told my Dad ummm one duh!!! and two I don't have a fork lift!!!!! hello!!!!! Then out of no where the guy was like do want us to deliver it to your house?? ummmm YES!!!! Hello why the heck did he not offer this from the beginning?? Plus it's only $40 to deliver?!!??!?! Why would I even attempt to try to pick it up and unload THREE TONS of tile when I can have someone deliver and unload it with their fork lift for $40????? Seriously!!!! I thought all of this nonsense was quite comical!!! Good times!!!

Pictures of my white sea of drywall!!!!!

Pictures I Promised!!!


Products for our upcoming classes!!!!

I've been working like crazy on our class layouts!!

Let me just tell you I am having soo much fun playing with our upcoming classes. I am working on April, May and June!!! We are going to play with some yummy glimmer mist, shimmering chalks and spray paint!!!! We might get our hands dirty, but the outcome will be worth it!!! I hope to take a picture and give a sneak peek tomorrow at some goodies! In the mean time I did get my carousel painted and glimmer misted. Well the glimmer mist wasn't what I was going for. I wanted this awesome shimmer on my pink paint. It wasn't so awesome. It was kinda spotting looking. SO I tried wiping it off nothing, then I tried using baby wipes and waaalaaaa!!! It came off!!!! Kristy try baby wipes to wipe off the glimmer mist!!! The paint it with spray paint!!! I even painted my tag along trash can I got at GANZA!!!! I am loving the pink carousel!!! Anyways. It is almost put back together. 3 more drawers to put back together and it will be done!!! Yeah!!!
On another note went out to the house today to take some measurements of the living room. I might have mentioned when we moved in to the cheerio we pretty much only moved the bare necessities~ beds, a table to eat on, couches to sit on to watch tv and that is pretty much it. When we move we will be saying hasta to the couch and table!!! We are starting from scratch with everything!!! SOOOO exciting! We just bought our couch and kitchen table 3 years ago, but it won't fit in the new house! If anyone needs a couch and a love seat and ottoman let me know!!! (the color of my couch and loveseat are mocha) Plus I have a side table and a coffee table stored away that goes with it!!! I will take picture of the tables tomorrow. It was a set we bought from Slumberland. My good friend Michelle is going to be putting all of it on Craig's List for me!!! Anyways went out to the house and there is dry wall up in every room!!! It is awesome! They are going to start mudding and taping asap!!! I took some pictures but it just kinda looks like white blah. Tomorrow I am meeting with the trim carpenter!!!! Then I am off to pick up our tile. It is going to be interesting. Kevin got me a big ol` cowgirl truck also known as a dooley m/s to load the tile. Then I have to bring it back to the cheerio and unload it. Kevin is unable to life anything for two weeks so it is going to be just me lifting this stuff . Holey Moley that will be interesting.
I thought Johnny would be going back to school tomorrow but I don't think that is going to happen. He started going back down hill today. The two of us took a much needed 3 hour nap. He woke up and seemed better, but he is still not 100%. I will not let him go back until he is 100%. 1- I don't want to expose him to anyone if he still is sick. I would hate for anyone to feel the way he did for so long 2- It might make him have a relapse, and OH Lordy I don't think I could handle a relapse.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What a weekendor maybe I should say month!!!

Yesterday I spend the day at the hospital with Johnny. He has been sick for a total of 10 days. We have had sickness in our house since 2/10. This month has been ridiculous! We have had sickness, a car accident, the woman who hit me gave me false info, our house has had issues, Kevin had to get a shot of steroids for his bummed shoulder. His therapy is not taking. I have had some issues/sadness with my family. I swear wth!?!?!??! I think we have hit rock bottom for bad things to happen. I am hoping we can only go up from here right????
I keep telling myself today is a new day. Today is the day things are going to get better. Well today is the day that some things have gotten better. Johnny is finally on the up and up. He is smiling, laughing and talking. If he in NOT talking there is something wrong with him. One out of however many... I will take it!!!!
Well on a totally different subject I am going to be working on all our layouts for class. I am SUPA excited about the layouts we will be doing!!!! We had some new people in class last month, I hope to see you again next month!!!! With all the new stuff coming out we are going to be having some fun!!!!
oh I don't know if I mentioned this to you. But remember how Jax and John decided to color/paint my MM carousel. And I painted it pink. well Jaxi got a hold of it AGAIN!!!! YES AGAIN!!!! I found a new color I am going to paint it~ watermelon PINK and then I am going to use bubble gum pink glimmer mist on it!!! I will bring it to class!!! I think it is going to be fabulous looking!!!! So I guess it's not so terrible that my little bubbas got into my stuff....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Here is a sneeky peek to our upcoming classes!!!!

First THANK YOU so much for all the feedback I got for upcoming classes!!! I really want to make this class all about YOU!!! Sooo please feel free anytime to let me know if you are wanting something from class!!! Thanks again!!!
So here are our upcoming classes for the next few months!!!!!

Things to do before I dieMy Music
A Quiz About ME

The Love of my Life
My Education
Some thing I love
My dad

Always believe in yourself
The things I eat
One Word to Describe me
Counting my blessings

Follow my lead
Illnesses/Surgeries I have had in my life
Where I live today
My Career

I am really looking forward to these upcoming classes!!! See you all soon!!! March 8th!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

some new stuff!!!!

A new clock for Johnny's room!! I just need to add the picture and I am on the look out for a train to add to it!!!

Jaxi's clock for his new room. Just need to add the picture!!

A book/birthday card for Jaxi

The front page

I put pictures from the time before he was born until present!!! Kinda like a little story book of this is your life!!!

Brothers page

Parent Page & When I was pregnant with him and the day he was born.

Pictures of all my boys!!!!
My family Page

I made a banner for Jaxi's new room. I hope to hang it from his shelf!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aweso{ME} Class I've got a question??!?!??!

Are there subjects for layouts you would like to cover??? Leave a comment and let me know!!! Thanks!! I am putting together April & May's classes and want to make sure I am covering your needs & wants!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is is spring yet????

I am soo ready for the spring!!!! I painted my nails and toes pink so I am ready for spring! I am ready for something other than winter!!! I am sooo stinking tired of this cold and all the colds and flus that come with it! I have been sick for a week now. wth!?!?! Jaxi got it now Johnny has it!!! It makes me soo mad!!! People if you are sick STAY HOME and don't get other people sick! seriously!
Well today was my first day out and about! I got up, I headed to the gym, had a great workout!!! It felt sooooo good to get in the gym!!! Went out to run some errands. We had our taxes done this morning, not sooo much fun! Then I had to head to the Police Station. I had to file a Police report for the accident that I was in almost 2 weeks ago. The woman gave me all false information, but Kevin's secretary was able to pull up her information by her tag number. The night of the accident I was in bed and at about 2am I sat up and realized I knew this woman. She works at the N. Rock Walmart. She is the greeter. Anyways, there is nothing more I can do but wait for the Police to do their jobs. And for insurance to do theirs. The most important thing is my family is okay.
Well on another note things are not going so well with the house. We were doing soo great, things were getting back on track. And then we hit the hiccup. The dry wall guys came out to put up the dry wall and realized that the framer never had an inspection done. In the mean time the installation people had come out and done their job without the inspection done. This should of never have happened. They are not allowed to continue without that inspection done. Soooo the dry wall peeps called our builder and asked wth!!?!??!?! They called out the inspector he was just lovely to deal with. He was going on and on about why our gas fireplace wasn't inspected. Well we don't have a gas fireplace for one thing. We have NO GAS in the house for another!!!!! Then he fined Eric for not making sure the inspection was done. And shut the whole house down until this Tuesday. He said he was too busy and wouldn't do the inspection right then and there. ummm hello he is there why wouldn't he just do it??? Inspectors are like the people at the tag office! No offense if you are one of these people but do you know what I am talking about?? Anyways, hopefully he will come back tomorrow and every one can get back on track. Just when we get somewhere with projects something else has popped up! It only took us two weeks to get the dry wall people to come out!!! I hope they will come back out! To say the least this house has been quite the experience! Mostly good but when there are hiccups they are serious hiccups. We are seriously counting the days, minutes of being in this cheerio!!!! We sooo can not wait to get out of here!!!
On a happy note!! My Valentine's presents are coming via UPS today!!!! Yeah!!! sooo excited!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

Valentines Day felt like the longest day eva!!!!! Anything and everything was getting to me!!!! I was on such an emotional roller coaster yesterday!! I think that just stress of life, my life had gotten to me. We didn't have much plans for the holiday but we were together. I did get some pictures of the boys opening their presents. Johnny got Jeremy the jet (Thomas stuff) that he was sooo excited about, he has been flying him around pretty much ever since last night. Jaxi got a new movie, Bob the Builder & Thomas on the same DVD!!! They both got flashlights. Don't understand the fascination but they love flashlights. They played forever last night chasing each other with flashlights. It was nice to see them playing so well together. Kevin and I stayed up and watched a cute movie, Failure to Launch. He got me a couple of nice gifts, sooo excited!!! I don't buy him gifts because he doesn't like them, so easy for me!!! I hate it though because I love giving presents... oh well you would think I would be use to it by now!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some cuite patutie pic of the boys from last night!!!!

Pictures from CAG!!!

Toga Toga Toga!!!!!!!

My table~ what a mess!!!

The Gang!!!

Me attacking Amy's little body!!!! And then falling!!!! I guess that is what I get for attacking her!
Angie, Jennifer, Amy. and ME

Heather-Dawn and ME

Amy and ME!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had a blast!!!

I had too much fun this weekend!!! And now I am sick!!! I think I have the achy flu and a cough!! It probably didn't help that I was out until after 2am scrapbooking or watching Dana do the worm or Kristy doing the cabbage patch!!! OMG too much fun!!!! I got sooo much done at CAG!!!! I am totally caught up on my 2007 book, my Christmas book and now my 2008 book!!!! Plus bonus I got my house book started!!! I hope I will get my pictures up of my layouts!!! I haven't even unpacked any of my stuff. I did finally move it all downstairs because the kiddos kept taking my sewing machine apart!!! Anyways hopefully this afternoon I can go through my stuff!!!! I got sooo many new goodies to play with!!!! And I finally picked up my clocks from the Attic so I can someday get those altered for the boys rooms!!!! I found a really cool idea for altering kids clocks!!! So I can't wait!!!
I do wish that I felt better. I have too much to do to not feel well!! K... gotta go talk to you all later hopefully with pictures!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

yeah the sun is shinning!!!!

Well today started out just fantastic and then the business started.... From the time I was dressed this morning I was running around with my head cut off!! I have only so much time in the day to get things done without both boys. So after dropping Johnny off from school, Jaxi and I were off and running! We made it home just in time to drop off groceries and head back to school to get Johnny. After picking up Johnny we were driving up Greenwich waiting at the 13th Street Stop light and out of no where we totally get side swiped!!! I was pissed!!! First I was like what hell was that!!! I looked around didn't see anything. Finally I realized a car is hooked on the side of my truck (the passenger side). The car is literally attached to me. She finally unhooks by driving back and forth and rolls her window down and tells me it isn't that bad and she didn't see me. She thought I was the meridian, is that any better???!?!?! I told I needed to look at it.I get out of my truck and I am even more pissed and shaking at the same time. I am in a big ass black truck how the hell do you not see me in broad day light??? hello!!!! are you drunk?? I am also peeved at myself, I don't have my phone..... So anyways I tell her to pull over into the parking lot at Sumo's. I get her information and she asks me if I am going to forgive her. I think I will let my insurance decide. So anyways, the right side of my truck and wheel is all scraped up and Kevin is going to take it in tomorrow for insurance to take a look. Well I kinda feel like I have whip lash. I've never had it and I am telling you to look right my neck is killin' me!!!! lovely day!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just having fun with some buttons!!!

Johnny & Jaxon decided on their own to decorate my Making Memories carousel. I had to sand down all their beautiful art work :( and paint my carousel pink. I had wanted to keep it the pretty white it came but it had to go pink after all the colors the boys drew on it!!! Still love my carousel...just wish it was still white!! oh well I do love pink so it works!!!

My nephew's birth announcement!!!! Soo cute!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Isn't this weather crazy!!!

Yesterday was gorgeous!!! I even opened the house up and let all the fresh air in!!! It was wonderful!!! Today is was freezing and there is ice and snow everywhere!! Gotta love Kansas weather!!! Well today I got to spend the whole day with Kev!! It was sooo nice!!! After our normal morning routine and taking Johnny off to school. We had lunch together, talked, went shopping together, went out to the house for our normal rounds of seeing nothing being done! :( Took a drive to get Johnny from school. Actually made dinner together. It was cute side by side with the little cheerio stove top. It was just a really nice day!!! I did get to do some scrapbooking, well maybe not scrapbooking but I got to play with my scrapbooking products. Johnny and I were making his Valentine cards for his friends at school and making something special for his teacher Mrs. Boss. He was sooo proud of himself. I need to take some pictures. I have been working on some other projects as well as his Valentine cards!!! I have fallen in love with the great blog with sooo much creativity flowing in it is awesome!!! Well I hope to update with pictures tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gotta love Mondays!!!

WOW!!! I got to sleep in today!!!! Until 8am!! That hasn't happened in a while!!! After my lovely sleep in I headed to the gym. I was running along feeling great but then I had a cough attack and pulled a muscle while I was running. I continued to run but I am paying for it now!!!! I had a great workout- legs today!!! But now I have this annoying cough that won't go away!!!! I hate feeling/being sick!!! It just gets in the way!!!
Watch the game last night with the fam. Kevin kept trying to tell the boys that this is an important game and they needed to watch it. ummm they didn't seem to care! I think they are a little young to really care! This week is nothing but go go go!!!! This week will probably fly by!! Like most weeks lately. I just feel like I am getting buried some days... And at the end of the day I just collapse. Well I have no idea what this blog is about but I haven't been on in a while, so just wanted to say hi!!! Have a great day!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

February's Class

Thank you everyone for coming to class today!!! Here are the layouts from today's class!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just a reminder class is tomorrow!!!! Here is what you need to bring!!!!

Fears Layout-

Bubble wrap

Brown spray paint




Paper Trimmer

Glimmer Mist (I used gold)


Paper trimmer

Brown/Chestnut Roan Ink (Cats Eye)

Brown Pen

Picture of you & your Mom

Let me know what year you want for Layout