Monday, November 19, 2007

ME Monday Challenge TWO

Sketch by Lucy Folch

Create a layout about YOU!!! Using this sketch!!! Due date & instructions are on Sunday, 11/18's blog!! Now go create something beautiful!!!

Yeah I got to scrapbook today!!!! I started my day out early with my OMG kick my ass literally workout!! I made the mistake of telling Ken that I wasn't sore after our workout on Friday.... ha! Let's just say my legs were ON FIRE!!!!! It felt awesome!!!! Not too awesome Ken!! LOL! Anyways I got home got Johnny off to school. Ran a couple of errands found the best crop sweats EVA They are pink with a blinged out princess crown on the hip soooooo cute!!!! I finally got home and starting scrapbooking!!!


Kathy said...

I love this sketch! I really don't think I can get any challenges done, but it is fun to read them and can't wait to see everyones. May try to do a couple at the Attic on Friday night. We'll see. Happy Turykey day. Sorry you are going through so much right here at the holidays. God Bless!