Monday, December 31, 2007

what a day!!!

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Everything I touched today blew up! Okay maybe not blew up but turned to mush!!! The boys were maniacs and I yelled so loud today I lost my voice for a little bit. I had to put them in separate rooms just sooo I could breathe for a milasecond!!! Then I had family stuff going on~ pure craziness!!!! I went out to the Attic for a little bit because I am a dingledang and confused the hell out of poor Sarah! Sorry girly! I had soooo much tension and frustration going on I felt like I was about to explode like literally!!! My heart is still beating to hard and I am as tense as all get out! AHHHHHHHHH that is my silent scream! The boys are a sleep! Thank goodness! I am sooo ready for winter to be over and to be out of the cheerio!!!! We need somewhere to play outside in yummy fresh air!!!! You like the weather in between spring & summer!!! Not to cold but not to hot!!!! favorite time of year! I am tired of being cold!!! Anyways enough about that!
Today was my last day of working out with Ken!!! so sad :( Although I think he was trying to leave an impression on me and he worked my ass off! LITERALLY!!!! I thought I was going to die!!! It was soo RAD!!!!! I am going to miss those kind of workouts!!! Although I will say I have learned sooo much from him so I am hoping I can continue to push myself as hard as he pushed me!
Well I have finally made a decision to go to the Dr.!!! I can't take the pain in my back any longer! My arms & hands are sooo numb. Just constant tingling. Very strange feeling. I did feel really good after doing some yoga last night but then I sat at the computer after and tightened all back up! AHH!!! Then during my workout I was popping all over the place. i felt good after that but then again I tightened all back up. I am sooo sure that all of this nonsense is from falling on the ice last week! I swear I am so clumsy!!! oh well! That's me!
I almost forgot it was New Year's Eve! I hope everyone has a happy & safe New Year celebration!!! Here's to 2008!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dude something is up....

What happened to my funny sexy face man???
Today I wake up and my husband is all grumpy. Well this is normal is the winter!! I swear he has like the winter blues or winter depression or something!!! Anyways.... He finally snaps out of it long enough to ask me if I want to take the afternoon get my nails done?!?!?! hello who are you I ask!!! Usually it is me begging him to stay home so I can get some me time in ya know!!! Well not begging but you know... anyways... I did nothing today!!! I just lounged around all day. I did work on the computer a little bit and play race cars & trains with the boys. But other than that nothing!!! It was great!! Okay so Kevin asks me like 4 times throughout the day, are you going to get your nails done???? He was like, "Do I have to beg you to go get your nails done woman"????? I am like dude no begging needed here see ya!!! Sooo Johnny and I left for a couple of hours. My cell didn't ring once! huh!?!?! This is very unlike Kevin. He normally calls 10 times wanting to know when I am going to be back! Well after getting my nails done Johnny and I walked to Dillons to get some pictures. Still no phone call!! Yesterday I went to Andover to get my stuff for class and my phone rang off the hook!!! Where are you, when are you coming home, the kids are hungry, I'm hungry!!! DUUUDE!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! So today no phone calls?!?!?! Strange I thought until I got home and realized my cell was turned off. duh!! But when I turned it on there were still no missed calls, meaning he still didn't call! Okay now that I have just rambled on about this!!!! I just think something is up! I just don't know what! Maybe the phone conversation I had with him last night... If anyone knows my husband, well before I start he is a wonderful husband and does pretty much anything for me and the boys. BUT...... he knows I will do anything and everything if I let him, let me! SO with that said that is why I am like what's up?!??!! I know totally silly! huh!??!!
Well I just got done with some YOGA!!! I fell on the ice last week! And I have been hurting ever since! My arms & hands keep going numb and I am all light headed! Plus I have this lovely bruise!!! It is shaped like a "J" how funny is that?? I had Kev take a picture of it. I thought about showing you but.... I don't look at my back very often well like never and OMG I have got stretch marks on my back/upper hips from being pregnant!!! YUCK!!!! And a picture of it just magnified them that much more! So anyways, Kev found on the Yoga show on FitTV (channel 251 on COX) a 1/2 hour of yoga for your back. It was great! It felt really good! I think I am going to continue to do it on a regular basis!!! Plus I was checking the FitTV station out myself and I found some other shows I am going to try!!! Plus there were even some shows on healthy eating!!! I am always looking for variety in our menu!!! I hate getting stuck in ruts and eating the same thing! yuck!!! It gets old real fast! Okay Kevin just got home from work so I am going to see if he wants to watch DreamGirls with me!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

dude I was about to loose my mind this afternoon!!!! My children were making me crazy!!! I think they were cooped up too long! I sooo wish they could go outside and play!!! I did finally get out of my house for few glorious hours! Although my phone was ringing off the hook while I was gone!!! I just wanted some time alone away from boys for a few hours!!! is that too much to ask!!! I think it is.... Anyways I headed to the Attic to get my stuff for class!!!! OMGoodness we are going to have some fun coming up in the nest few classes! I am working on March's class! fun fun fun is all I can say!!!! I am soo excited I am going to get started on them tonight!!!! Lets just say we are going to have fun with some flock, glitter, spray paint and then some!!!!! I just looked at my ticker and saw that Crop*A*Ganza is around the corner!!! Are you ready???? I am excited!!! It is going to be fun!!! 3 days of scrapbooking away from boy stuff!!!! Yeah!!!!! Well Jaxi is trying to nibble on my arm as I type because he wants to go downstairs to play trains. crazy kiddo! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! peace out my friends!

Friday, December 28, 2007

This week has just flown by....

Johnny's birthday cake!!! I made it!!!

Johnny turned 5 yesterday!!! We went to Knolla's to celebrate his b-day with a few friends and family. Johnny just loves Knollas! It was a little crazy because Jaxi was NOT in the mood to party!!! Poor guy!! When we got home we were wiped! We all took naps and just relaxed the rest of the afternoon! Of course Johnny wanted a burrito & a Sprite for dinner so off to Taco Shop we went!!! We then came home and let him open presents from the family. I am sooo upset! I had taken all these great pictures and I accidentally formatted my card in my camera and lost all my pictures!!!! They were awesome pictures!!! Oh well.... so sad! Anyways Johnny was sooo excited he was jumping up and down saying Thank you Momma!! Thank you Jaxi!!!! Thank you Daddy!!! It was sooo precious!

Later in the night we got some excited news! We had a new baby born in our family!!! On Johnny's birthday!!! My cousin Missy gave birth (she is the one in all my layouts from class) to a 8pound 14ounce baby boy!! His name is Rhett Aaron Billingsley. I don't have pictures yet but I am sure I will get some today!!! I do have a book made for him! I was just waiting on his name so I could finish it up! It is a book for his first year of birth! Sooo excited to get that finished and shipped off to Missers!!! Congrats Billingsley Family!!! Love you guys!!!!

Okay sooo much has been going on so hopefully I can get back on track with my blogging!!!! Class is coming up next month!!! Are you ready?!?!?!? I am!!!!

Show me how old you are!!!!! 55555555!!!!!

Giving Daddy kisses!!!!

My little Family!!!!

Jaxi in his new cute Monkey Robe!!!

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families!!! We did!!! We had a very busy week but a relaxing Christmas Day with family. We stayed home and grandparents came to us this year!!! It was great! The kids stayed in their jammies all day!!! We ate a big ol' shrimp lunch and ate tons of dessert!!! The kids got a ton of stuff!! And they loved it all! It's soo much fun to get new stuff! It was a really nice Christmas Day!!!!

Jaxi with his train from Uncle Frankie!!!

Johnny was the first one up at 7:30am to see what Santa brought!!! I had been up since 5 am because I forgot to wrap three presents and Santa forgot to eat his cookies!!!

Peek a Boo Jaxi in a train!!!My husband's sexy face.... isn't he a cutie!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

baby it's cold outside!!!!

It's snowing, it's snowing, I love the snow!! Well today is going to be a day I relax and pretty much do what I want to do. Kevin was suppose to go to the KU BB game but he decided not to go. He didn't want to get stuck on the roads in this weather. So I have my whole little fam home for the day. It is a perfect day to stay in your jammies & scrapbook!!!!! Now I actually I hope I get to do that. ha! I do need to get some pictures developed, something I have been trying to do all week long. I even went out last night and I didn't have my flash card. I can't find it anywhere. I think it got washed in the washer! The other night we were at Walmart and I told Kevin I wanted to get some pictures developed. Well of course there is only one machine that will take a usb connection. And these idiot nimcompoops were on this machine for like an hour. I had gone to the machine like three different times waited and waited each time. And the whole time they were working on the same thing. OBVIOUSLY!!!! They were NOT scrapbookers!!! ha! They were trying to arrange a layout of pictures to fit in a frame they were buying. I sooo badly wanted to tell them to print the flippin pictures separately and just put them in the hole that matches the picture. Instead they were making one big sheet of pictures and trying to fit it to the frames holes! Okay now Steff just said I don't ever have anything bad to say about people sorry Steff these people were making me crazy!!!! They were nimcompoops!!! Anyways... I didn't get my pictures and now I can't find my flash card!!! Well at least I have memory card if I lost that I would be in a major panic! I've got more flash cards around here but only one memory card!! Anyways I think I have just been rambling! So I hope everyone can do the same and stay warm!!! Have a happy jammie and scrapbooking day!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The longest blog eva!!!!

It has been sooo crazy around here!!! I feel like I can hardly keep up! Where do I start??? I guess first with my family. The boys are doing great! We have been out and about enjoying this weather. And staying outside as much as possible. After going to Bradley Fair to attempt to take pictures we went for an hour walk. It was great!!! It felt sooo good to breathe fresh air without your lungs burning! The boys have been getting little gifts here and there from family & friends. I won't let them open the presents from family until Christmas Eve. But we did get together with Michelle and her boys yesterday and exchanged gifts and had our annual Christmas get together!
Jaxi got a vacuum which he is IN LOVE with! It's a Hoover, it even sucks air! funny!!! Johnny got the game Elefun!!! So we all played that last night!!! We laughed soo hard. Even Kevin played! We needed a good laugh after all the drama that has been going on in the family!!!! Where do I start with that??? Frankie and Casey are off again. He called me and he was soooo upset. He didn't know what to do. He said she left and he said he couldn't stay in their place. (My sister lives there too) My Mom emailed last night and said everything was now fine. So of course I had to call my brother and see what was going on. They are not back together but they are living together.... He sounded good, well better. My Mom is doing good!! She has some good leads on some great jobs!!!
Well back to needing some good laughs. Kevin and his family are not doing soo well. This is something he does not want, not having a relationship with his father. But it looks like for right now he is needing his space from him. I know what that is like. I had space from my Dad for almost a year. It was the hardest time ever. Because for a split second your forget you are mad, hurt and upset and want to share something with them but then you remember how mad, hurt and upset you are and don't and then a year almost goes by...

On a happy note we went to Kirstie Alley's property yesterday where she has the
Look Who's Talking 2 set, set up. Michelle and I took our boys to see it.
We let them run around OMG they got sooo muddy! I took some pictures so I will post them later. It's cute but I bet it would have been really pretty at night. It's right next to her house on Douglas. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Johnny's Christmas Party!!!

On Tuesday Johnny had his school Christmas Party. Here are some pictures!!
On Thursday Johnny had his school birthday Party!!! Awesome Jodie made him Thomas the Train Cookies. He was soooo excited!!! I had asked Jodie for just train cookies and she went above and beyond and remembered he loved Thomas!!!! Thank you Jodie you are awesome!!!! The class sooo excited as well!!! The kids were like WOW, Thomas!!!! Too cute!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here are some more pictures!!

I've been practicing with my camera!!!! Let's just I was getting a little intimidated by the thing!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm trying to make memories....

My children are NOT being very cooperative! well more like Jax is more into running around than looking angelic for the perfect picture I am wanting for our Happy New Year cards, since I am not making it to Christmas this year.... oh well! Here are some of our out takes! I plan to go back tonight to take more because as I was taking pictures my rocking cameras battery died! I guess I have been using it a lot or something!! ha!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a lazy weekend!

Actually I have been busy in the cheerio. I am super excited I did some chopping at the Attic Friday and I got my 2008 Calendar for my fridge!!! I already got it done!!! It was one of those projects you just don't want to stop once you start!!! I got the Making Memories blank calendars. I think it's like 15x8 landscaped!!! I am going to put some tape magnets on it and keep it on the fridge! I also updated my ornaments that I made for my cousins. After seeing a picture of them ummm can you say blahhhhhh! So anyways I made them sparkle and I hope once the pictures are in them they will really pop! If anything they will be pretty ornaments for their presents! ha!

Well Johnny and I did get out of the house today for a little bit!! Yeah!!! Kristy I finally got my bracelet!!! I even got one for Frankie's bride to be. I think it is soo her! We went to the Pink Boa!!! Johnny loved the store! He told me, "Mom they really have great stuff in here"!!! I think the cute girls giving him a ton of attention and offering him candy canes & chocolate chip cookies kinda helped! I also got a cute magnet that says "Save the Drama for your Mama"!!! It had a Monkey on it in pink how could I resist!?!?!! I don't think I would have cared what it said!! Then we headed for a haircut for Johnson!!! He is looking like a cutie patootie!!! He was sporting an afro that was out of control!! Then off to Dillons for a couple of things! Now I am home and I am sooooo going to get pictures of my calendar! I used pictures of just the boys. And the Attic had these perfect rubons for all the months and little celebrations for throughput the year! So cute!!
Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Morning!!!

I am sooo in the mood for sugar cookies with homemade icing!!!!
Johnny making cookies 2005

Hi All! Well my day started at the crack of dawn (Michelle the real crack of dawn) I was up at 4am with Jaxi. He woke up wet so I had to change him & his sheets and then he went right back to sleep. I ended up getting online and playing on eBay for a bit!!! I went to bed around 5:30am and then I got up at 6:15am to head to the gym!!! I brought Ken his apple cobbler today, I hope he likes it!!! I had an old man follow me into the gym asking me where I was going with it?!?!? too funny! It was still warm when I brought it in so it was really giving off a yummy aroma!!! Considering I got up so early I feel pretty good, oh btw I didn't go to bed until after 1am!! I stayed up and wrapped all our presents for Christmas and even got Johnny's birthday presents wrapped!! That felt good! I ran out of curly bows so I need to go get those and then they will be fully complete! I think I am going to even get my presents that I need to mail out before Christmas! Well looks like I am going to have a busy day today!! Johnny has school today!! I have to meet with some people about the house and pick out some more goods! I need to do some shopping and then I am calling it a good! I think I will scrap the night away!!! I haven't been scrapbooking too much so I have about a hand full of layouts I need to get caught up on!! lol! That just reminded me I need to print some pictures!!! Well now that I have rambled on about pretty much NOTHING!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!!! Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prima Design Team Call!


It's that time of the year again and Prima is looking for some new talent to add to our design team! If you have ever wanted to be a Flower Girl (or Guy) now is your time to try out! This year we will be adding international designers to the team too!

Call Details:

Please send the following items in your email application:

  • 2 or 3 examples of your current style in the form of cards,altered projects and/or layouts. Each photo must be less than 200k. (The email may bounce if it is larger than 600K total.) There is no need to use Prima products on the projects. Projects may have been previously published and/or posted online.
  • Your full name and state/country of residence, along with full contact information (phone number too!) This will be kept confidential and will only be used to contact you for joining the team.
  • A link to an online gallery and/or resume. There is no need to have been published before. You may be on other design teams.

That's it! We are trying to keep this simple for everyone.

Please email your application (subject: Prima Design Team)to Sharon (with a copy to Tami) at the following addresses:


Call applications accepted immediately. Call deadline is December 31st, 2007 at midnight PT. All entrants will receive a verification email. We hope to notify new design team members by January 11th, 2008. Updates will be posted on the blog. If you have any questions feel free to post them here or email:

Design Team Terms: This is just a general overview: The contract will end on December 31st, 2008. Each member is required to submit 3 Prima projects per month. Product is provided to complete all projects (with plenty left over!) There is a pay-for-pub program you may participate in. There may be additional projects--the design team would be asked to volunteer if they wish to participate in those.

We hope this will be a positive experience for everyone....we promise to look through every entry and try to choose who we feel best fits the needs that we have for our new team. (All design team entries will be forwarded to another email so the Prima box does not fill up. Please know that each one will be opened and reviewed!) We thank you in advance for putting yourself out there! We appreciate each one of you! :)

I'm still in my jammies!

That's right I am still in my jammies! I love these kind of days. We had nothing to do, no where to be, just home!!! I did do some baking today without the baking part. So I guess technically I did not bake. Are you following this?!?!??!! ha! Anyways I made a apple cobbler for Ken. He is going to be leaving me for bigger adventures in life! I wish him the best of luck! So I made him his favorite apple cobbler! I am going to bake it but not until tomorrow! So it will be fresh out of the oven, make sense? Other than that I went through my scrapbooking goods, put all my layouts that have been forming a pile into albums that they belonged to (some how I ended up with an empty album mmmm), and did some Christmas wrapping! I am actually making my presents look pretty this year! I am doing red & white polka dot wrapping paper and big bows some are black & white some are red & green!!! I will have to take a picture! They are pretty! I love this time of year! Although this year has been strange! I am trying to make the best of it!!! Well I am off to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the boys!!!

SOme new pictures of my cousing Robbie

Here are some of my cousin, Robbie from his photo shoot!
He is in a band in LA!!
He's the drummer for The Greenery
Check them out!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So much for a relaxing do nothing kinda day.....

I just love these pictures of the boys!!!

Look how little Jaxi is and he is already looking up to his brother!

Well yesterday I had plans to stay in my jammies all day and then Kev got a wild hair! He decided to have me go pick out all my tile/granite and carpet. And make the normal FedEx run! Well I was with Dave for 3 hours picking stuff out! It was great and such an easy process!!! he is such a great guy! After that I headed to the Attic to get some Bazzil. Lovely Renee pulled my goods off the shelves so I could pop in & out because I was suppose to be on my way home to make dinner....Thank you girly!!! Well a little detour to the Attic (btw girls the pink x-mas tree in the break room that's Amy's she is going to come get it) never hurts! The house is really starting to come along. The cabinets will be in by Christmas!!! The plummers are putting in the pipes and then we can start sheet rocking!!!!! I got up early this morning got my workout in!!! And I am ready for the day! I went through my MM Magazine and there is the cutest idea for a family tree that is hung on your wall! I think I am going to attempt to make one for my family!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sneak Peek to January & Other Pictures I have been needing to post!

In case you missed class here is a sneak peek to January's Hope & Dreams layout. Sorry I haven't updated January's layouts but I forgot to take pictures before turning them in!!! duh!!!! So I will get pictures this weekend after I head to the Attic for some choppin' for the wedding album I am making!!!