Friday, November 30, 2007

So much for staying home! I ended up going with Kevin to go pick out our appliances!!! I am soo excited I got the new fridge with the big freezer on the bottom that pulls out like a big drawer!!! I never thought I could/would get excited over appliances. I didn't really pick out anything else because Jaxi had other plans! He wanted to cruised around the huge showroom floor with the stroller in his hands. It was funny but not funny at one point he ran into a dishwasher so hard the stroller popped up and he flipped into the basket in the back of the stroller. He was totally okay, as a matter of fact he thought it was funny as hell! I was like great we are gonna walk out of here owning more appliances than we need! lol! Then after that we headed back to get Johnny from school and off to look at tile again..... I am hating tile! Why can't people just tell you how much it is without all the middle men?!?!?! I did find some 18x18 Tuscan Tavertines. They were GORGEOUS!!! Perfect for the foyer!!!! We also went by the house and and they started bricking the front YEAH!!!!! The stone has been delivered so they can hopefully start on that soon!!! The next 16-21 days are going to be pretty exciting with all the things that are going on in the house! I am trying not to take pictures every time I go out! I want to see drastic changes before I take pictures. Because in the beginning I was taking a picture every time I was there and they all kinda look the same, BORING!And ya know I want to make a book!
Well tomorrow is December 1st!!!! OMGoodness!!! Time is flying by! It is crazy! Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Or busy morning at least! Gym at 7am (for me), Gymnastics at 9am (for Johnny), Birthday party at 10:30am, and then I NEED to get some scrapbooking in I am feigning for it! It's been too long! okay gotta go!


Brynn said...

Hey-I saw your comment on Christies blog and thought I'd tell ya you can get Autumn Leaves, PIGGY Tales, lots of prima,Adorn It and Anna Griffin from Scrappin Time in Derby. Hen Feathers has carried Cosmo Cricket and My Minds Eye-and all their paper is on sale right now!

P.S. Hang in there-the house is coming along and will be done soon!