Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thank you!!!!

WOWOWOW!!! I am totally overwhelmed by your comments!!! Thank you so much you all are soo kind!!! Things are still uneasy and very crazy right now. I just feel like I can't get ahead. More things keep coming into my life. I know as my Mom and Nonna would say that God will only give you what you can handle, but geezlaweez!!! I am breaking here! It's amazing how stress and sadness can take over your body and make you feel crazy!!! I sooo agree I need to spend sometime with my Mom and my Mom needs to spend some time with me. Timing is everything right now with her. I have tried to get her here but she seems to have "reasons" for not being able to come. She is going through some really hard times right now. I can't talk about it specifically but it is really breaking me down. I worry about her soo much. She is so fragile right now. Something I am NOT use to ever seeing when it come to my Mom. I think this is why everything is really getting to me.
I pray that this too shall pass and she will be fine.
I can tell you how very nice it is to know I have such wonderful, loving, supporting friends!!! Ame's I appreciate the sumpthin sumpthin's!!! Love you girly!!!! I am going to try and focus on the positives in my life. And hope that the sad situation going on in my family heals.