Monday, March 31, 2008

Some new house pictures!!!

My scrapbook room has a table!!!!!

This is the wall unit in the upstairs living room!! There is going to be some more abstract pieces put in on the right side!! I am IN LOVE WITH THIS PIECE!!!!The front door. There is now casing on top!!

The laundry room. I love this bench. I am going to have hooks put in to hang our coats!!

This the tv wall unit in the basement. Also the start to the mantle over the fire place.

The bar in the basement.

look what I made!!

Can I tell you I love Adobe!!!! I can't wait to print this and scrapbook it!!! I just got all my Easter pictures on one print!!! Sooo excited!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This week has just flown by! I have been busy with the house which has actually been fun stuff!! Minus the cabinets which is still in the works of getting fixed. We went shopping again yesterday to find Kevin the recliner he wants. Well style wise!! He pick out the Redford that LazyBoy carries!! I got my fabric!!! Leopard!!! I am sooo excited!!
We also went out to the house last night and all the crown molding was done. Except the dining room. It is gorgeous!! It's not even painted or anything but I love how much detail it adds to the rooms.
Well we got Johnny situated for Kindergarden. He is going to stay at his school. I am sooooo happy. The other school was just too far. The school boundary lines are crazy for next year! I hope it all gets worked out by the time he's in the 1st grade!!! The school looks great just toooo far!!!! Johnny has also started reading. He read the book "David gets in trouble" yesterday I was blown away. He's 5!!!! He is all into spelling and sounding everything he sees out. Kevin and Johnny practice spelling all day long!!! It is super awesome!! I love to watch and listen to those two interact with each other.
Jaxi is just all about giving hugs and kisses. They are they big MUAH kind!!! I love it!!! He is trying to talk more and more everyday. He says little words, too cute! He loves to just with with you and cuddle. He also does not like to share me. If Johnny gets close to me when he is in my lap. He starts throwing swings in the air. He's very possessive at the little age of 2! Jaxi is finally getting thicker hair. It is curlier than ever! It's and it is getting darker blonde. I can't wait for it to turn blonde again this summer.
Well it is Sunday and we are just hanging low. It is rainy out and a perfect day to stay in jammies. Although I won't be in my jammies all day. I have some more shopping to get done for the house. And I have to take advantage of Kevin being home so I can go alone. So I will get a little bit of shopping in but I plan to stay home most of the day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I made a sign for Genny's show!!!
I couldn't sleep this morning, so I got up at about 5:30am and started scrapbooking!! I haven't scrapped my own layouts in foreva!!! FUN!!

Jaxi turned two! We LOVE monkeys!!!!
Look how cute the sock monkeys are!!!

Jaxi eating cake with his family for his birthday!!

Jaxi gets his "own" dump truck for his birthday!!

This is from the sketch of the week!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Day Spring Fling!!!!

If you are interested there is going to be a Spring Fling at Country Place March 27th
The address is 1601 N Gatewood.
Genny will be featuring her bracelets and other jewelry there!
From Princess LuLu's Boutique

Off 13th St between Rock & Webb, turn North on Gatewood and the house is on the West side of the street!! If you get lost you can call 630-9232

There will be 6 other vendors there!!!

So much has been happening around here!!! Good things!!! Today I went out to the house to meet with the stone guy. Yeah it was delivered!!!! So now the stone can be finished up outside and the stone can get started around the fire place. We kinda ran out and the brickers left when there was nothing left to work with!!! At least when they come back now the weather should be nice!!! While I was out at the house the other day I noticed that cabinets in our kitchen are the wrong color. They are suppose to be natural maple with a chocolate glaze. To kinda antique them. Well they arrived and they are a solid color all the way through, like they were stained. I was really not happy and I wasn't going to say anything to Kevin but it was really bothering me since they kinda cost a lot!!! So anyways I told Kevin he had me call our cabinet guy and tell him the news. He is looking into it and is suppose to get back with me. Well some of the cabinets are already hung in the kitchen. I told the trim carpenter do not hang anything else in the kitchen until we get the cabinet situation figured out!!! While I was out at the house I also met with a security system guy who happens to be friends with our trim carpenter who happens to be a friend of ours. We didn't know that everyone knew each other!! Small world!!! With the break ins that have been happening at new construction sites we are being extra careful about everything!!! It was kinda busy around there for a little while! After dealing with the house Johnny had a, "He has Risen" class party. I did the craft for the class. We made Salvation bracelets. The kids got to go outside and have a Easter egg hunt. That was fun!!
Tonight Kevin and I decided to drive out to where Johnny is suppose to be going to school for Kindergarten next. year. Well it is out in tim buck two!! Kevin was like there is NO WAY he is having me drive on Kellogg with the kids in the car during busy times of the day and then on a two lane road to get to school. Because of all the new construction for schools Johnny would only be there for one year but it is really far. The following year he would be back in town. So we are are trying to figure out how we can keep him at Holy Cross. We really love it there! Plus it is all day Kindergarden (Johnny LOVES school so that is sooo perfect for him!!) and it is a hop skip and a jump away from the house!! Kevin and I are suppose to go to school to talk to the Principal to see how we can keep Johnny there for Kindergarden. I am also going to go to the Kindergarden round-up for Andover schools tomorrow night. But I really don't see him going there, especially with it being where it is at. OMGoodness!!! So many decisions for Kindergarden!!! Who would of thought??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Wow!!! Today has been a busy day!!! A good busy day!!! I had to get up early this morning and go to the dentist to get 2 of my 8 cavities filled!!!! I can not believe I got 8 cavities in a 6 month period!!! I haven't had cavities in like 10 years!! seriously. Anyways I was there 1 1/2 hours getting worked on!!! Then I was off to the bank off to the gas station to fill Kevin's car and off to meet the trim carpenter to go over final details. He built my scrapbook table wrong!!! They are having to rebuild it!!! Anyways I had to run back to go pick up Johnny for school. Yeah school!!! While Johnny was at school I headed to the Attic to get some some stuff for class! They had some new stuff!! Then I was off to Dandurands. I was told they had cupcake stuff there. I got a cupcake penny bank and 2 cupcake birthday plates for the boys!! Then off to the HL, then off to the gas station again to fill my truck and get drinks and a powerbar for me since I forgot to eat lunch again..... then off to the park with Jaxipants, played on the slide and ran around for 45 minutes before we had to head to get Johnny from school. Now we are home and I am eating my blueberries & yogurt yummy!! playing Connect 4 with Johnny and typing at the same time! Kevin is playing golf today so I am not going to cook, I think I am going to go get some Knollas!!! Okay that I just rambled your eyes off!!!

Okay I am going to scrapbook some projects I need to get done for tomorrow!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Friday, March 21, 2008

look what I found...

The boys snuggled up on Daddy's lap, cute!!!
Oh and I made a little something for one of Johnny's friends at school!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Scrapbook Room
The Kitchen
More Kitchen

What a gorgeous day!!! We were suppose to go to the Zoo today and I really wish we did but we had things that needed to get done! Kevin took the day off, yeah! And we had to get drawer pulls for all the cabinets for the house! Then we headed furniture shopping!!! We had soo much fun! We were just checking all our options out to see what we want! We are going pretty contemporary. I am really loving everything we are seeing so far!!! Anyways after shopping around. Kev left to go hit some golf balls. When he got home we had to head to the house to see what was new and to mark where the TV is going to go in the living room. Well while we were there we also did some cleaning up after the trim carpenter. Man they are messy! Anyways Kevin and I were carrying boxes and crap to the dumpster. and mind you while we are doing this we are balancing on planks because the ground is sooo mud from our lovely rain on Monday! So we are carrying these crazy heavy cabinet boxes, balancing on planks, I am walking backwards and wearing flip flops! It was kinda funny. I kept falling off the plank and falling in the mud. My flipperflops were sooo muddy. After we got our boxes all in the dumpster I decided to climb in and walk all over the boxes. I was sooo freaking out. I kept telling Kevin there better not be rats or anything funky in here! Then I hung off the edge and had Kevin catch me to get out!!! I was laughing so hard at myself, I know I am a dork!!!! Anyways... I was talking to Kevin about what the trim carpenter has done so far and I couldn't believe that they were going to be done Friday. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said that they were only going to have the baseboards done by Friday. And it would probably be 4-6 weeks before they will completely done. Sooo all my excitement about them being done early went out the window!!! oh well! Once again I was probably only half way listening.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some new pictures!!!

Well it is Spring Break for us!!!! So far hasn't been much of a "break"!!! We are taking advantage of our little city... We headed to Exploration Place and the boys ran around like a couple of crazy monkeys. They had a blast! We met up with some friends at Exploration Place while we were there and headed out for some lunch after! Jaxi was in quite the mood at lunch. I don't think I will be going out to eat with him until he turns 3!!! I am NOT kidding!!!! He pretty much screamed the whole time and threw anything that was in his hands!!! I was about at my wits end with him!!!! For some crazy reason after lunch I decided to head to Hobby Lobby. We were out west so I wanted to see if they had any of the Easter Christmas trees left!!! And guess what they did!!! I got a pink fuzzy one!!!! Can't wait to use for next Easter!!!! The rest of the week were are planning on the zoo, the train museum, an Easter egg hunt and a birthday party!!! Fun FUn FUn!!!
Kevin just called and the trim guys are out at the house and they are booking it!!! They got extra guys working on the house and they told Kev they would be done by Friday!!!! This is awesome being that they told us it would be 4-6 weeks!!!
Sorry I know this blog is a little all over the place but I am tired what can I say?!?!?! I wanted to share a very awesome gift I received from a very talented Cali girl!!!! She is actually here living in Wichita now and is in the process of getting her business up and running!!! But I wanted to give you a sneaky peak at what she can do!!!! I am pretty sure I have shared with all of you how I am on the Pink Cupcakes w/ Sprinkles Wiki for weight loss and support. Anyways. I asked Genny if she had an cupcake charms. Well look what she make me!!! A whole cupcake bracelet!!! She has a blog that she is just getting started her link is up above. Princess Lulu's Boutique!!!
Here is the bracelet she gave me!!!!! Isn't it darling!!!! You will just die when you see all her other bracelets!!! She has every Disney character available, little tooth fairy bracelets, lady bug bracelets!!! All of her charms are hand-made!!!! It is just amazing the amount of detail in her beads!!!! Thank you Genny!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some more new layouts!!

Sketch from Pencil lines!!!

Finally completed my "Pink Cupcake with Sprinkles" Layout!!!

Johnny's Valentine's Day School Party

just a couple of clip boards I made for some Mom's at Johnny's school. Front sides and back sides!!! I still need to add the names of the teachers that they are giving them to!! Fun!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Johnny's First trip to the Dentist!!!

Was a success!!!! He did awesome!!! He didn't cry. He went in the room by himself!!! I was soo proud!!! His Dr. Chang did a wonderful job!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

some new stuff!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you for the Happy Birthday's!!! Jaxi had a great day!!!! He is getting to be ornery as ever!!! And has learned the perfect for of a temper tantrum. Except last night on his way down to throw one he didn't realize there were things under him. He's on the floor throwing himself around and wailing. And he rolls over to start banging his head on the floor. Well Kev's watch was on the floor and he slammed his head right on it! It hurt like the dickens! He got up and came running! Maybe he taught himself that banging his head is sooo great for getting attention! I hope so!! Other than that we celebrated all day long with family coming and going. Then is the evening we went and got Jaxi's fave Knollas for dinner. Then we did his cake and presents. It's kinda funny. I always have a tone of b-day candles, well for some reason I couldn't find any of them this year. So we used match stix. I am serious!!! Totally dangerous!!! Anyways it worked! too funny! We spent the rest of the evening with Poppie and SpongeBob!!! It was a good day! I will post pictures later!!! I've gotta get to the gym!!!

On another note, my Mom got her results back from her test. She has high cholesterol. Her artery is blocked with cholesterol. But the good news it is curable!!! Through diet and medication it should go away! YEAH!!!! Thank you again for all the well wishes!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My baby turns 2 today!!!

So sweet!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look what I caught on the couch. These two loving on each other!!! Watching SpongeBob together! Cute Cute Cute!!!! Jaxi is such a ham!!! With dinner face and all!!!
Sooo serious watching BOB!!!!

Here is a sneak peek to something I love..... I believe this is for May's class!!!!
I LOVE Magnolia trees!!!! Just GORGEOUS!!!!

Thank You for all the wonderful comments and emails!!! It was nice to go through and read them and feel the love!!! hugs to you all!!!! Things have been hard over the past couple of days and I just did nothing yesterday. I just spent the day with my family. A much needed day. Kevin stayed home with me and we just hung out. We did our big monthly shopping at Walmart. He drove me around to the errands that I needed to get done. Ate lunch together and just hung out! It was really nice. I think he knew I needed him around. I was even asleep at 8pm last night! Although I woke up at 3:40am ready for the day.
My Mom called yesterday but I couldn't answer the phone. I just wasn't ready for more sadness or to hear about something bad that happened. I know that sounds bad but I just couldn't. I will call her this morning. My brother even called and I couldn't answer it. I talk to him all the time but his situation just makes me crazy!!!
I do know some happy news about my brother. He is flying to LA and is applying for an internship at a really awesome salon and after his internship is over he can take his test and get his license instead of going through school again!!!! I know once he is able to get his license things will be sooooo good for him! He is sooo talented!!! Love that kid!
Well things are starting to get back to normal around here. Actually I'm the only one slackin` Jaxi is still as ornery as ever! He just threw his chocolate milk down the stairs. What is that obsession all about??? I know he is going to be 2 this weekend, tell me the terrible twos are NOT going to affect him???!?!?!?! He is such a different child then Johnny. He is NOTHING like Johnny!!!! I love that though!! But man it's hard with him!!! He's like a little monkey but he's got these big brown eyes that just melt ya and how do you get mad at that??? Johnny just constantly talks all day long. He sounds out words and talks about the letter people. He does really well telling me what everything starts with!! He cracks me up!! When he sounds out a "ch" word, he tells me Mr C isn't following the rules. He's soo funny!
Thank you everyone for being such good friends! You are the best!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm sorry for last nights blog. I am just had a really rough day. I just keep thinking about my Mom. She had several tests ran on Monday. The took every kind of fluid out of her and did several different tests at her Dr.'s office. I know she is in good hands. I know God will watch over her and take care of her. I truly believe that. I just get soooo overwhelmed. And it makes me want to shut down. I am not shutting down. I will not let the negative/scared worry get the best of me. My family has had a lot going on this past year. And I just feel like there is no lift to it. I know there is a lesson to be learned from everything that comes your way and I am not suppose to ask why. I am suppose to have faith that there is a reason for everything. I am just having a hard time understanding it all. Whether it's my Mom having all of her stuff, my brother who has an abusive girlfriend who beat up my sister, or my sister who needs to go to drug/alcohol rehab and her father is being an ass about it and told her to save her money when he practically owns SD.... There are a lot of other things going on. My family is a mess right now. I don't know what to do. I get a phone call most every day and it just seems to be worse and worse news. I really try to stay upbeat and positive for my little family. The boys are great btw. Kevin's arm is getting worse and it looks like he needs surgery but my little guys are fantastic. My little problems in my life are nothing when I think about scared my Mom must be, or how my sister is begging for help and she can't seem to get it and how confused my brother must be to be stuck in the middle of a girl he cares for and his family. I think to myself I am soo lucky and blessed. Seeing my family and all that they are going through makes me appreciate all that I have. Health, Love, a wonderful husband who supports me, two beautiful healthy babies and a roof over my head to keep us warm. You know I joke about living in the cheerio but honestly it wouldn't matter where we lived just as long as we were together. Most days we are all in the same room anyways. It will probably be that way when we move. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm done!!!!!

I am sooo done!!!! I have had the day from hell and back!!! Actually I was having a great day!!! A fantastic day!!!!! I took Johnny to school and Jaxi and I spent the afternoon outside most of the 3 hours Johnny is in school. We did run some errands but fun errands!!! I headed to Hancock's for some goodies and I got a phone call while I was there. My Mom, something is wrong with her! She has a burr in her main artery to her brain. We don't know how serious it is yet. It could just be a kink in the artery or it could be that she may need more serious actions to help it. We find out Friday after she has a sonogram done on it. She asked the nurse and Dr the worse case scenario and they told her death. This scares the shit out of me. That is the only thing I keep hearing my Mom say, death. She on the other hand is thinking positive and doesn't have a negative thought in her head until she knows what is going on with her artery. This scares the shit out of me. Did I mention that. I have sooo many other things going on in my head it is making me think dizzy. I am tired of all of it! This has happened to me once before and I had to give up everything. It took me about a year an half for me to get over it. Not because of grudges but because I would literally feel sick from all the stress that I felt during that period in my life. I don't hold grudges never have never will. I feel like I am being pulled in too many directions. Sooo many bad things are happening in my family and in my life right now. I just can't take it. I feel like I am about to collapse inside! I am doing my best to stay together. But once again it is not enough!!!!! I am soooo sick and tired of all of this!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Well let's see soo much but not really much has been going on here!!! I have been working on layouts for upcoming classes! The only thing holding me back are getting my pictures together. Fun stuff!!! I even had to put my Dad on a mission for pictures!!! The layouts are looking good! I hope to give some sneeky peeks later in the week or maybe the day!!!
Well just wanted to pop on and say hello!!! With the weather being this way not much is happening on the house. Kev and I went out to the house on Sunday and the whole house was mud and taped at the seams. They still need to fill all the screw holes and corners and sand. It was nice to see a whole crew working on the house! We also got our brick finished!!!! That was a huge job but it is DONE!!!! We can now start on the stone work!!! Everything feels like it is taking forever but I think it's because everything is custom!!!! So I have to tell myself not to complain. It's almost going to be a year since we broke ground!!!! I can't believe it's been that long but at the same time I can!!!! We are growing out of the cheerio!!!! We did sell most of our furniture YEAH!!!!! Now I am on a mission to find some new!!! I was looking on line and of all place LazyBOy has this great couch and chair that I really like!!! I love that you can pick whatever fabric/material you want on whatever piece of furniture they have!!! I found a super yummy golden colored material for the couch called Honey and then I want to do the chair in a leopard print!!!! Now I want to see it person and see if I really like it but I have a feeling I am going to LOVE it!!!!!!