Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here it is!!!

Okay this is the week for challenges!!!! Everyday this week there will be a challenge!! These challenges aren't mandatory or required for the class but they are just for fun and will add pages to your book!!! So here is the start!!! And be sure to check back daily for your challenge!!

Challenge One of the Week!!!

Make a layout based on your best & worst quiz!!!

Here is the quiz!!!!

  1. My favorite smell of all time:
  2. The worst smell ever:
  3. My best physical feature:
  4. My worst physical feature:
  5. My finest accomplishment:
  6. The worst trial I've overcome:
  7. My best subject in school:
  8. My worst subject in school:
  9. The best place I've ever lived:
  10. The worst place I ever lived:
  11. The most endearing personality trait:
  12. The most annoying personality trait:
  13. A time I felt invincible:
  14. The closest I've come to death:
  15. The best meal of my life:
  16. The grossest thing I've ever eaten:
  17. The season I look forward to the most:
  18. A month or season that I dread:
  19. My favorite room in the house:
  20. My least favorite room in the house:
Okay here are just couple ideas to get your MOJO flowing!!! I want to see a layout with at least 5 positives & negatives about YOU!!!! First one to post on their blog & email to me gets a RAK!!! If you don't have a blog just email me!!!! Good luck!!!!!

Remember there will be a challenge every day this week. I know Thanksgiving is this week so for the challenges that are Monday thru Saturday you will have extended time to get them done!!!! Who ever participates gets their name in a jar for another RAK!!!! So it's fair game, you can do 1 or the whole weeks worth and you've got a chance for a RAK!!!! So okay girls bring it on!!!! Deadline is 11/30!!!! Just be sure to email when you complete a challenge!!!

Thank you everyone who participated in the poll!!! I appreciate the time you took out to do it!!! I plan on doing polls randomly to keep myself on track!! Thanks again!!!