Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So much has been happening around here!!! Good things!!! Today I went out to the house to meet with the stone guy. Yeah it was delivered!!!! So now the stone can be finished up outside and the stone can get started around the fire place. We kinda ran out and the brickers left when there was nothing left to work with!!! At least when they come back now the weather should be nice!!! While I was out at the house the other day I noticed that cabinets in our kitchen are the wrong color. They are suppose to be natural maple with a chocolate glaze. To kinda antique them. Well they arrived and they are a solid color all the way through, like they were stained. I was really not happy and I wasn't going to say anything to Kevin but it was really bothering me since they kinda cost a lot!!! So anyways I told Kevin he had me call our cabinet guy and tell him the news. He is looking into it and is suppose to get back with me. Well some of the cabinets are already hung in the kitchen. I told the trim carpenter do not hang anything else in the kitchen until we get the cabinet situation figured out!!! While I was out at the house I also met with a security system guy who happens to be friends with our trim carpenter who happens to be a friend of ours. We didn't know that everyone knew each other!! Small world!!! With the break ins that have been happening at new construction sites we are being extra careful about everything!!! It was kinda busy around there for a little while! After dealing with the house Johnny had a, "He has Risen" class party. I did the craft for the class. We made Salvation bracelets. The kids got to go outside and have a Easter egg hunt. That was fun!!
Tonight Kevin and I decided to drive out to where Johnny is suppose to be going to school for Kindergarten next. year. Well it is out in tim buck two!! Kevin was like there is NO WAY he is having me drive on Kellogg with the kids in the car during busy times of the day and then on a two lane road to get to school. Because of all the new construction for schools Johnny would only be there for one year but it is really far. The following year he would be back in town. So we are are trying to figure out how we can keep him at Holy Cross. We really love it there! Plus it is all day Kindergarden (Johnny LOVES school so that is sooo perfect for him!!) and it is a hop skip and a jump away from the house!! Kevin and I are suppose to go to school to talk to the Principal to see how we can keep Johnny there for Kindergarden. I am also going to go to the Kindergarden round-up for Andover schools tomorrow night. But I really don't see him going there, especially with it being where it is at. OMGoodness!!! So many decisions for Kindergarden!!! Who would of thought??