Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you for the Happy Birthday's!!! Jaxi had a great day!!!! He is getting to be ornery as ever!!! And has learned the perfect for of a temper tantrum. Except last night on his way down to throw one he didn't realize there were things under him. He's on the floor throwing himself around and wailing. And he rolls over to start banging his head on the floor. Well Kev's watch was on the floor and he slammed his head right on it! It hurt like the dickens! He got up and came running! Maybe he taught himself that banging his head is sooo great for getting attention! I hope so!! Other than that we celebrated all day long with family coming and going. Then is the evening we went and got Jaxi's fave Knollas for dinner. Then we did his cake and presents. It's kinda funny. I always have a tone of b-day candles, well for some reason I couldn't find any of them this year. So we used match stix. I am serious!!! Totally dangerous!!! Anyways it worked! too funny! We spent the rest of the evening with Poppie and SpongeBob!!! It was a good day! I will post pictures later!!! I've gotta get to the gym!!!

On another note, my Mom got her results back from her test. She has high cholesterol. Her artery is blocked with cholesterol. But the good news it is curable!!! Through diet and medication it should go away! YEAH!!!! Thank you again for all the well wishes!!


Michielle said...

What a cutie Jaxi is!!! Both of your boys are just beautiful!!! What a blessing you have in your family!! (I love the picture of Jaxi excited about the new top....mine used to do that too)...soooo cute!! Don't blink, because they grow up sooo fast!! What a joy, I'm sure, that they have brought to your life!! I bet you can't remember life without them, can you??!!! Have a great day!!

heather~dawn said...

Summer, soooo good to hear about your mom! I love the pic of Jaxi all excited about his shirt, PRECIOUS!!!