Sunday, March 30, 2008


This week has just flown by! I have been busy with the house which has actually been fun stuff!! Minus the cabinets which is still in the works of getting fixed. We went shopping again yesterday to find Kevin the recliner he wants. Well style wise!! He pick out the Redford that LazyBoy carries!! I got my fabric!!! Leopard!!! I am sooo excited!!
We also went out to the house last night and all the crown molding was done. Except the dining room. It is gorgeous!! It's not even painted or anything but I love how much detail it adds to the rooms.
Well we got Johnny situated for Kindergarden. He is going to stay at his school. I am sooooo happy. The other school was just too far. The school boundary lines are crazy for next year! I hope it all gets worked out by the time he's in the 1st grade!!! The school looks great just toooo far!!!! Johnny has also started reading. He read the book "David gets in trouble" yesterday I was blown away. He's 5!!!! He is all into spelling and sounding everything he sees out. Kevin and Johnny practice spelling all day long!!! It is super awesome!! I love to watch and listen to those two interact with each other.
Jaxi is just all about giving hugs and kisses. They are they big MUAH kind!!! I love it!!! He is trying to talk more and more everyday. He says little words, too cute! He loves to just with with you and cuddle. He also does not like to share me. If Johnny gets close to me when he is in my lap. He starts throwing swings in the air. He's very possessive at the little age of 2! Jaxi is finally getting thicker hair. It is curlier than ever! It's and it is getting darker blonde. I can't wait for it to turn blonde again this summer.
Well it is Sunday and we are just hanging low. It is rainy out and a perfect day to stay in jammies. Although I won't be in my jammies all day. I have some more shopping to get done for the house. And I have to take advantage of Kevin being home so I can go alone. So I will get a little bit of shopping in but I plan to stay home most of the day.


Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

Summer, we love the David books in our house too. Ceeara (same age as Johnny) just mastered the "No David No" book for her class project this month at school. Isn't it amazing how quickly they start to grow up. When she picked that book to read to the class I thought to myself there was no way she was going to be able to read that whole thing on her own - boy did I eat those words. Of course that made me feel both proud and sad and the fact that my baby is growing up so fast :)
Good luck with the shopping today, sounds like fun getting to pick out all new stuff for the house.