Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had a blast!!!

I had too much fun this weekend!!! And now I am sick!!! I think I have the achy flu and a cough!! It probably didn't help that I was out until after 2am scrapbooking or watching Dana do the worm or Kristy doing the cabbage patch!!! OMG too much fun!!!! I got sooo much done at CAG!!!! I am totally caught up on my 2007 book, my Christmas book and now my 2008 book!!!! Plus bonus I got my house book started!!! I hope I will get my pictures up of my layouts!!! I haven't even unpacked any of my stuff. I did finally move it all downstairs because the kiddos kept taking my sewing machine apart!!! Anyways hopefully this afternoon I can go through my stuff!!!! I got sooo many new goodies to play with!!!! And I finally picked up my clocks from the Attic so I can someday get those altered for the boys rooms!!!! I found a really cool idea for altering kids clocks!!! So I can't wait!!!
I do wish that I felt better. I have too much to do to not feel well!! K... gotta go talk to you all later hopefully with pictures!!!


Michielle said...

Summer, Sooo sorry that you aren't feeling well now!!! (did Amy give it to you??) HA!!!......It was so nice to meet both of you at CAG!!! Thank you for letting me 'pick' your brain about some ideas too!! I guess I just need to play with stuff to see what I can come up with. I must say that you are my 'scrappin hero'!!!