Monday, February 25, 2008

What a weekendor maybe I should say month!!!

Yesterday I spend the day at the hospital with Johnny. He has been sick for a total of 10 days. We have had sickness in our house since 2/10. This month has been ridiculous! We have had sickness, a car accident, the woman who hit me gave me false info, our house has had issues, Kevin had to get a shot of steroids for his bummed shoulder. His therapy is not taking. I have had some issues/sadness with my family. I swear wth!?!?!??! I think we have hit rock bottom for bad things to happen. I am hoping we can only go up from here right????
I keep telling myself today is a new day. Today is the day things are going to get better. Well today is the day that some things have gotten better. Johnny is finally on the up and up. He is smiling, laughing and talking. If he in NOT talking there is something wrong with him. One out of however many... I will take it!!!!
Well on a totally different subject I am going to be working on all our layouts for class. I am SUPA excited about the layouts we will be doing!!!! We had some new people in class last month, I hope to see you again next month!!!! With all the new stuff coming out we are going to be having some fun!!!!
oh I don't know if I mentioned this to you. But remember how Jax and John decided to color/paint my MM carousel. And I painted it pink. well Jaxi got a hold of it AGAIN!!!! YES AGAIN!!!! I found a new color I am going to paint it~ watermelon PINK and then I am going to use bubble gum pink glimmer mist on it!!! I will bring it to class!!! I think it is going to be fabulous looking!!!! So I guess it's not so terrible that my little bubbas got into my stuff....


Christie said...

Hang in there! I feel the same way, but not so extreme--thought we were healthy and Zach threw up this morning! Yuck! It seems like this yucky weather and sickness and just bummer stuff going on isn't stopping! But it will! When I get like that, Zach tells me "Go scrapbook, mom. Go scrapbook."

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

boy do I know how you feel. If it could go wrong it's done it this past month. I'm hoping March starts a new fresh month with happy days :)
Glad to hear Johnny is doing better though, take care of that little guy :)

3divasmommie said...

WAIT!!!!!! before you do glimmer mist....I already tried it and the mist just ran down my carasel thingy. I hate it, but I DO NOT want to unscrew everything again. Maybe since you have already painted it, you will have better luck!! So glad the jonny is better!!