Thursday, February 7, 2008

yeah the sun is shinning!!!!

Well today started out just fantastic and then the business started.... From the time I was dressed this morning I was running around with my head cut off!! I have only so much time in the day to get things done without both boys. So after dropping Johnny off from school, Jaxi and I were off and running! We made it home just in time to drop off groceries and head back to school to get Johnny. After picking up Johnny we were driving up Greenwich waiting at the 13th Street Stop light and out of no where we totally get side swiped!!! I was pissed!!! First I was like what hell was that!!! I looked around didn't see anything. Finally I realized a car is hooked on the side of my truck (the passenger side). The car is literally attached to me. She finally unhooks by driving back and forth and rolls her window down and tells me it isn't that bad and she didn't see me. She thought I was the meridian, is that any better???!?!?! I told I needed to look at it.I get out of my truck and I am even more pissed and shaking at the same time. I am in a big ass black truck how the hell do you not see me in broad day light??? hello!!!! are you drunk?? I am also peeved at myself, I don't have my phone..... So anyways I tell her to pull over into the parking lot at Sumo's. I get her information and she asks me if I am going to forgive her. I think I will let my insurance decide. So anyways, the right side of my truck and wheel is all scraped up and Kevin is going to take it in tomorrow for insurance to take a look. Well I kinda feel like I have whip lash. I've never had it and I am telling you to look right my neck is killin' me!!!! lovely day!!!


Kim said...

Oh Summer, I sorry you had such a crappy day. Man, right before CAG. That sucks. Hope you and Jaxson are ok.