Monday, February 18, 2008

Is is spring yet????

I am soo ready for the spring!!!! I painted my nails and toes pink so I am ready for spring! I am ready for something other than winter!!! I am sooo stinking tired of this cold and all the colds and flus that come with it! I have been sick for a week now. wth!?!?! Jaxi got it now Johnny has it!!! It makes me soo mad!!! People if you are sick STAY HOME and don't get other people sick! seriously!
Well today was my first day out and about! I got up, I headed to the gym, had a great workout!!! It felt sooooo good to get in the gym!!! Went out to run some errands. We had our taxes done this morning, not sooo much fun! Then I had to head to the Police Station. I had to file a Police report for the accident that I was in almost 2 weeks ago. The woman gave me all false information, but Kevin's secretary was able to pull up her information by her tag number. The night of the accident I was in bed and at about 2am I sat up and realized I knew this woman. She works at the N. Rock Walmart. She is the greeter. Anyways, there is nothing more I can do but wait for the Police to do their jobs. And for insurance to do theirs. The most important thing is my family is okay.
Well on another note things are not going so well with the house. We were doing soo great, things were getting back on track. And then we hit the hiccup. The dry wall guys came out to put up the dry wall and realized that the framer never had an inspection done. In the mean time the installation people had come out and done their job without the inspection done. This should of never have happened. They are not allowed to continue without that inspection done. Soooo the dry wall peeps called our builder and asked wth!!?!??!?! They called out the inspector he was just lovely to deal with. He was going on and on about why our gas fireplace wasn't inspected. Well we don't have a gas fireplace for one thing. We have NO GAS in the house for another!!!!! Then he fined Eric for not making sure the inspection was done. And shut the whole house down until this Tuesday. He said he was too busy and wouldn't do the inspection right then and there. ummm hello he is there why wouldn't he just do it??? Inspectors are like the people at the tag office! No offense if you are one of these people but do you know what I am talking about?? Anyways, hopefully he will come back tomorrow and every one can get back on track. Just when we get somewhere with projects something else has popped up! It only took us two weeks to get the dry wall people to come out!!! I hope they will come back out! To say the least this house has been quite the experience! Mostly good but when there are hiccups they are serious hiccups. We are seriously counting the days, minutes of being in this cheerio!!!! We sooo can not wait to get out of here!!!
On a happy note!! My Valentine's presents are coming via UPS today!!!! Yeah!!! sooo excited!!!


princess jeffier said...

You poor thing! Hang in there honey-there is light at the end of the tunnel.

3divasmommie said...

DUDE....what did you get for vday???