Monday, December 31, 2007

what a day!!!

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Everything I touched today blew up! Okay maybe not blew up but turned to mush!!! The boys were maniacs and I yelled so loud today I lost my voice for a little bit. I had to put them in separate rooms just sooo I could breathe for a milasecond!!! Then I had family stuff going on~ pure craziness!!!! I went out to the Attic for a little bit because I am a dingledang and confused the hell out of poor Sarah! Sorry girly! I had soooo much tension and frustration going on I felt like I was about to explode like literally!!! My heart is still beating to hard and I am as tense as all get out! AHHHHHHHHH that is my silent scream! The boys are a sleep! Thank goodness! I am sooo ready for winter to be over and to be out of the cheerio!!!! We need somewhere to play outside in yummy fresh air!!!! You like the weather in between spring & summer!!! Not to cold but not to hot!!!! favorite time of year! I am tired of being cold!!! Anyways enough about that!
Today was my last day of working out with Ken!!! so sad :( Although I think he was trying to leave an impression on me and he worked my ass off! LITERALLY!!!! I thought I was going to die!!! It was soo RAD!!!!! I am going to miss those kind of workouts!!! Although I will say I have learned sooo much from him so I am hoping I can continue to push myself as hard as he pushed me!
Well I have finally made a decision to go to the Dr.!!! I can't take the pain in my back any longer! My arms & hands are sooo numb. Just constant tingling. Very strange feeling. I did feel really good after doing some yoga last night but then I sat at the computer after and tightened all back up! AHH!!! Then during my workout I was popping all over the place. i felt good after that but then again I tightened all back up. I am sooo sure that all of this nonsense is from falling on the ice last week! I swear I am so clumsy!!! oh well! That's me!
I almost forgot it was New Year's Eve! I hope everyone has a happy & safe New Year celebration!!! Here's to 2008!!!