Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dude something is up....

What happened to my funny sexy face man???
Today I wake up and my husband is all grumpy. Well this is normal is the winter!! I swear he has like the winter blues or winter depression or something!!! Anyways.... He finally snaps out of it long enough to ask me if I want to take the afternoon get my nails done?!?!?! hello who are you I ask!!! Usually it is me begging him to stay home so I can get some me time in ya know!!! Well not begging but you know... anyways... I did nothing today!!! I just lounged around all day. I did work on the computer a little bit and play race cars & trains with the boys. But other than that nothing!!! It was great!! Okay so Kevin asks me like 4 times throughout the day, are you going to get your nails done???? He was like, "Do I have to beg you to go get your nails done woman"????? I am like dude no begging needed here see ya!!! Sooo Johnny and I left for a couple of hours. My cell didn't ring once! huh!?!?! This is very unlike Kevin. He normally calls 10 times wanting to know when I am going to be back! Well after getting my nails done Johnny and I walked to Dillons to get some pictures. Still no phone call!! Yesterday I went to Andover to get my stuff for class and my phone rang off the hook!!! Where are you, when are you coming home, the kids are hungry, I'm hungry!!! DUUUDE!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! So today no phone calls?!?!?! Strange I thought until I got home and realized my cell was turned off. duh!! But when I turned it on there were still no missed calls, meaning he still didn't call! Okay now that I have just rambled on about this!!!! I just think something is up! I just don't know what! Maybe the phone conversation I had with him last night... If anyone knows my husband, well before I start he is a wonderful husband and does pretty much anything for me and the boys. BUT...... he knows I will do anything and everything if I let him, let me! SO with that said that is why I am like what's up?!??!! I know totally silly! huh!??!!
Well I just got done with some YOGA!!! I fell on the ice last week! And I have been hurting ever since! My arms & hands keep going numb and I am all light headed! Plus I have this lovely bruise!!! It is shaped like a "J" how funny is that?? I had Kev take a picture of it. I thought about showing you but.... I don't look at my back very often well like never and OMG I have got stretch marks on my back/upper hips from being pregnant!!! YUCK!!!! And a picture of it just magnified them that much more! So anyways, Kev found on the Yoga show on FitTV (channel 251 on COX) a 1/2 hour of yoga for your back. It was great! It felt really good! I think I am going to continue to do it on a regular basis!!! Plus I was checking the FitTV station out myself and I found some other shows I am going to try!!! Plus there were even some shows on healthy eating!!! I am always looking for variety in our menu!!! I hate getting stuck in ruts and eating the same thing! yuck!!! It gets old real fast! Okay Kevin just got home from work so I am going to see if he wants to watch DreamGirls with me!!!!