Thursday, December 20, 2007

Johnny's Christmas Party!!!

On Tuesday Johnny had his school Christmas Party. Here are some pictures!!
On Thursday Johnny had his school birthday Party!!! Awesome Jodie made him Thomas the Train Cookies. He was soooo excited!!! I had asked Jodie for just train cookies and she went above and beyond and remembered he loved Thomas!!!! Thank you Jodie you are awesome!!!! The class sooo excited as well!!! The kids were like WOW, Thomas!!!! Too cute!


jodie said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! He's just adorable and that party looked like tons of fun!! I just so glad everyone loved the cookies...they were fun to make!

Michielle said...

What cute pictures!!! That age is soooo much fun!! What are the 'socks' on the hands for?? Do they represent Santa's mittens?? I bet that WAS slippery!! Johnny always has such a cute smile on his face. You have beautiful children!!! :)

Summer said...

The socks made it harder to hold the presents. :)