Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm still in my jammies!

That's right I am still in my jammies! I love these kind of days. We had nothing to do, no where to be, just home!!! I did do some baking today without the baking part. So I guess technically I did not bake. Are you following this?!?!??!! ha! Anyways I made a apple cobbler for Ken. He is going to be leaving me for bigger adventures in life! I wish him the best of luck! So I made him his favorite apple cobbler! I am going to bake it but not until tomorrow! So it will be fresh out of the oven, make sense? Other than that I went through my scrapbooking goods, put all my layouts that have been forming a pile into albums that they belonged to (some how I ended up with an empty album mmmm), and did some Christmas wrapping! I am actually making my presents look pretty this year! I am doing red & white polka dot wrapping paper and big bows some are black & white some are red & green!!! I will have to take a picture! They are pretty! I love this time of year! Although this year has been strange! I am trying to make the best of it!!! Well I am off to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the boys!!!