Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So much for a relaxing do nothing kinda day.....

I just love these pictures of the boys!!!

Look how little Jaxi is and he is already looking up to his brother!

Well yesterday I had plans to stay in my jammies all day and then Kev got a wild hair! He decided to have me go pick out all my tile/granite and carpet. And make the normal FedEx run! Well I was with Dave for 3 hours picking stuff out! It was great and such an easy process!!! he is such a great guy! After that I headed to the Attic to get some Bazzil. Lovely Renee pulled my goods off the shelves so I could pop in & out because I was suppose to be on my way home to make dinner....Thank you girly!!! Well a little detour to the Attic (btw girls the pink x-mas tree in the break room that's Amy's she is going to come get it) never hurts! The house is really starting to come along. The cabinets will be in by Christmas!!! The plummers are putting in the pipes and then we can start sheet rocking!!!!! I got up early this morning got my workout in!!! And I am ready for the day! I went through my MM Magazine and there is the cutest idea for a family tree that is hung on your wall! I think I am going to attempt to make one for my family!


aday said...

please share when you do sounds really cool!

Brynn said...

You already have your mag? Mine hasn't arrived yet! Be sure to post a pic when you finish it! Glad to see the boys look like they feel better.