Saturday, December 22, 2007

baby it's cold outside!!!!

It's snowing, it's snowing, I love the snow!! Well today is going to be a day I relax and pretty much do what I want to do. Kevin was suppose to go to the KU BB game but he decided not to go. He didn't want to get stuck on the roads in this weather. So I have my whole little fam home for the day. It is a perfect day to stay in your jammies & scrapbook!!!!! Now I actually I hope I get to do that. ha! I do need to get some pictures developed, something I have been trying to do all week long. I even went out last night and I didn't have my flash card. I can't find it anywhere. I think it got washed in the washer! The other night we were at Walmart and I told Kevin I wanted to get some pictures developed. Well of course there is only one machine that will take a usb connection. And these idiot nimcompoops were on this machine for like an hour. I had gone to the machine like three different times waited and waited each time. And the whole time they were working on the same thing. OBVIOUSLY!!!! They were NOT scrapbookers!!! ha! They were trying to arrange a layout of pictures to fit in a frame they were buying. I sooo badly wanted to tell them to print the flippin pictures separately and just put them in the hole that matches the picture. Instead they were making one big sheet of pictures and trying to fit it to the frames holes! Okay now Steff just said I don't ever have anything bad to say about people sorry Steff these people were making me crazy!!!! They were nimcompoops!!! Anyways... I didn't get my pictures and now I can't find my flash card!!! Well at least I have memory card if I lost that I would be in a major panic! I've got more flash cards around here but only one memory card!! Anyways I think I have just been rambling! So I hope everyone can do the same and stay warm!!! Have a happy jammie and scrapbooking day!