Friday, December 21, 2007

The longest blog eva!!!!

It has been sooo crazy around here!!! I feel like I can hardly keep up! Where do I start??? I guess first with my family. The boys are doing great! We have been out and about enjoying this weather. And staying outside as much as possible. After going to Bradley Fair to attempt to take pictures we went for an hour walk. It was great!!! It felt sooo good to breathe fresh air without your lungs burning! The boys have been getting little gifts here and there from family & friends. I won't let them open the presents from family until Christmas Eve. But we did get together with Michelle and her boys yesterday and exchanged gifts and had our annual Christmas get together!
Jaxi got a vacuum which he is IN LOVE with! It's a Hoover, it even sucks air! funny!!! Johnny got the game Elefun!!! So we all played that last night!!! We laughed soo hard. Even Kevin played! We needed a good laugh after all the drama that has been going on in the family!!!! Where do I start with that??? Frankie and Casey are off again. He called me and he was soooo upset. He didn't know what to do. He said she left and he said he couldn't stay in their place. (My sister lives there too) My Mom emailed last night and said everything was now fine. So of course I had to call my brother and see what was going on. They are not back together but they are living together.... He sounded good, well better. My Mom is doing good!! She has some good leads on some great jobs!!!
Well back to needing some good laughs. Kevin and his family are not doing soo well. This is something he does not want, not having a relationship with his father. But it looks like for right now he is needing his space from him. I know what that is like. I had space from my Dad for almost a year. It was the hardest time ever. Because for a split second your forget you are mad, hurt and upset and want to share something with them but then you remember how mad, hurt and upset you are and don't and then a year almost goes by...

On a happy note we went to Kirstie Alley's property yesterday where she has the
Look Who's Talking 2 set, set up. Michelle and I took our boys to see it.
We let them run around OMG they got sooo muddy! I took some pictures so I will post them later. It's cute but I bet it would have been really pretty at night. It's right next to her house on Douglas. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


princess jeffier said...

Hang in there, family is ALWAYS tough, shouldn't be that way but it is. You guys will be in my prayers. Hope you have a great christmas.