Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Fun Fun...

It's not too early but early enough that I am the only one up! I like this time of morning. It's quiet and I have time to just relax before the monkeys get up!! ;) Not too much planned for the day, which is kinda nice. I am freaking out just a little bit how everything is coming together at the house. Last night Kevin and I went out to the house to measure some windows for shutters. Well we went in the mud room and the tile back splash was up and the counter top was on. And we both hated it!!!! That moment we made a phone call and we are having a different counter top put on. In the process of everything we went with a different tile & counter top company. The first time I picked things out I picked them out together and coordinated everything. The second time I did it separate and didn't even think about what the back splash was going to look like next to the counter top. Just that it would look good on the floor. Soo first thing this morning I woke up thinking about the bar and my master bath. I am going to go down and taking my tile to match it up to the granite. Just to make sure I like it, especially since it gets cut next week!! I swear this house is all I think live and breath right now. In the beginning I did some stuff here and there but now it's all we do!!!

We gave our notice her at the cheerio so we are trying to stay out of a hotel! July 14th is our last day to be at the duplex. Sooooo everything is happening right now and fast! Anyhoo!!! I know I am rambling about all this house stuff but it is just on my mind and I am ready for it to be done!!! I just want to be settled! And stop saying to the boys, "when we get in the house you can...." Like the little things, like play outside, blow bubbles on the drive way, run around, play ball, have fun washing the car. I'm afraid to play outside over here in the ghetto. Just this weekend the Police dropped my neighbor off with a suitcase...nice is he a convict living next door, sharing walls with me?? And the neighbors who just got kicked out waved a confederate flag in their garage. On top of the college kids who drive 100 mph in there beamers. I am telling you there are all kinds over here in the ghetto! I feel like the old lady on the block who is totally paranoid! I just I just don't want my kids to get shot or ran over! lol! Seriously!

Okay I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! And I pray the sun starts shinning!!!