Saturday, June 21, 2008

This week has just flown by! And I am still flying even with some days of just doing nothing! I have been running all over town getting last minute things together for the house and trying to keep up with the boys. We started swimming lessons this week. Johnny is doing really well. It helps that he is swimming with his friends! Today I am cleaning the cheerio and getting ready to move out! I am actually packing things and throwing away a ton of stuff! I figure if I haven't used it for the year that we have been here than why do I need it now. Kevin and I have a rule under normal circumstances if we don't use it in 6 months we pitch it or of course donate it to GoodWill.

It feels soo good to move things over to the house to be installed. Counter tops go in this week, fixtures and all the electricity goes in and we get running water!! The floors are looking amazing! Someone told me our foyer looks like an episode off cribs! crack me up! Anyways. There is soo much going on on top just building the house. We are having a pretty good summer so far.

On a personal note we have some major things going on in my family that needs much needed prayers. I won't talk about it but it is extremely serious and extremely near and dear to my heart.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is gorgeous outside enjoy it!!!!

Oh I did get some scrapbooking done and got a few layouts done I have them on my camera but I just need to find some time to download them! EEKS! It was soo much fun to scrapbook some stuff again and play with my new stuff. I think I only used some of my new paper but i didn't realize how pretty and cool Heidi Swapp's Paper was recently!! Same with Crate Paper!! Perfect for summer layouts! Anywhoo have a great one!!


Carla said...

I hope you get in to your house soon so your life can settle down.

thnsw said...

It sounds like your house is about done. It looks beautiful from what pictures you have posted on your blog. I will be praying for your family.