Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Morning, ummm kinda a long one!!!!

Just a quick hello! I can't sleep! It's 5:50AM, why am I awake??? I woke up like it was 8AM!! Oh well It is quiet and I am enjoying the peace. These past 4 days have been nonstop from the time I wake up to the time I get home at 10:30pm. I haven't even been able to put my babies to bed and tuck them in and give kisses in 4 nights. I miss that! This week is a big week at the house a lot is going on. Yesterday started with me back at the Dentist chair for my last session!!! Yeah!! Although I will say Dr. Chang took very good care of me. I walked out feeling great! Just sore once the numbness wore off. After the Dentist it was off to The Counter Top Place. Seriously that is the name of the place. Our granite was installed yesterday. Everything but our island in the kitchen. It soo big that Robert wanted it to be just like I wanted. The technology is amazing!!! I was able to see just where the granite was going to be cut and what parts were going to be on the island. The piece is soo large because it is also our kitchen table. (the island is three levels- sink level, bar top level and table level) So today a big ol' truck is bringing a big ol' crane to hoist the granite into the house! I can't wait to see it! So after the granite meeting I had to go get my boys. They were such troopers yesterday!! We then headed to the bank, met a person to pay them some mula, made a FEDEX drop, went through a drive-thru to get the boys bean & cheese burritos! (so my boys) Headed to the house to meet Robert (granite guy) again to double check everything on the island. With granite you kinda only get one chance to get it right... so he was checking ever way possible and we ended up adding another 5" to the table top area! Met with my tile guys to talk back splash, talked to the painters. Then I finally tracked my cement guy down which has been like a week of phone calls and for some reason yesterday he called me back. So I met him talked to him about the forms for the circle drive. All the time I had the boys. Thank God Andy was there (Amy's brother) Johnny talked his ear off literally and blew up hand gloves to entertain him and Jaxi just kinda ran around. After a few hours of all that I went home got Johnny for swimming. But on the way home I stopped and got the boys slushes!!! And Amy my fabulous BFF told me about AirSupply coming to town and Kevin LOVES AirSupply!!! And COX was giving FREE tickets away for their concert here in town!!!! So I picked up tickets for us to give him for our anniversary this Saturday! First of all sometimes I think Amy knows Kev as much as I do! She is always looking out for me!! Thanks friend!! Love you for that! Kevin hates for people to buy him gifts so everything I give him is made or something like that... sooo this gift couldn't anymore perfect!!! It's at the golf course. It's one of his favorite bands and it's a free concert! So he can't complain! I can't wait to tell him!! So anyhoo after we went home and got ready for swim lessons we headed North to go swim. Thank God Scott was there he sat and played in the pool with Jax so I could just sit and watch Johnny swim! After swim lessons I headed to Knollas for dinner. With everything going on I have no food in the cheerio. I mean NO FOOD!!! SO after dinner I went back out to the house met the cement guy again went over all the forms he placed and figured out where we want the cement exactly... fun stuff! After he left the garage door was open. Well the garage is taller than the average door. 8 foot. I am 5 foot. So I had to climb on the Cadillac hang from the garage door (literally) to get it down all the while my new neighbor across the street is watch me!!! Nice! Anyways off to the grocery store and then I got to go home shower and go to bed!!! I was pooped after being in the heat all day yesterday. And today is going to be the same!!! First I am headed to the gym to get my stamina going for the day!!! That always helps!!! And Amy the drink, ummm delish!!! I tried clear and lets just say I think I am ready for the day!!!! SO much for a quick hello! Have a great Thursday!!!