Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still trucking along...

Princess Bucket

Football Bucket

Dinosaur bucket

This is Johnny's little buddy he grew! Isn't he lovely!?!?! lol!!! He can't wait to give him a hair cut and dress him!! I told him he needed a body for him first before he could dress him!

Literally! I felt I like I was living out of my truck today!!! The poor boys were in my truck for about 4 hours running from East Wichita to West Wichita a few different times! We got everything done, I don't know how but we did! When we got home all 4 of us crashed on the couch! We were whooped!!! Plus I think the wind had gotten to us! It's also a lot of work getting the boys in and out of the car a dozen or so times!!!

While I was out I did manage to get the rest of my supplies for my Party Favor order! I was loving the rain tonight because it motivated me to get some going!!! Here are the 3 I got done! Only 8 more to go! Each party favor is being made specifically to what the child is in to!!