Friday, June 6, 2008

We had another one of those busy days!!! I thought since my boys had been couped up for 2 days of errands that I would take them to the park and let them run free!!! Well we met up with our friends Michelle and her boys. The boys were playing really well together for almost an hour or so and then all the sudden Jaxi was running in the jungle gym and there was a rock climbing area that had an opening that the kids could climb in and out of. This opening is 5 feet off the ground! He fell right out of it and landed on his neck. I flew over to him and scooped him up. He was really startled and crying. But his crying didn't last very long. This made Michelle and I worried. He was clinging on to me and we were trying to see if his eyes were dilated. His eyes are soo dark it's kinda hard too see. We happen to be in Bel Aire next to the Fire Station!! No one was there! They had left on a call! We were hearing voices but ended up being the walkie talkies. Then all the sudden the garage doors were going up! The trucks were coming in and the boys were standing in front of the garages as the trucks were coming in! I bet the firemen were surprised to see little people waiting for them to greet them back! Anyways we had the firemen look Jaxi over, he seemed to be okay just startled! Then Jax noticed the trucks and the firefighters let all the boys climb all over the trucks. Jax still wasn't too sure. But then he wanted down and he let a fireman scoop him up and he put him in the driver seat and had him turn on the lights!!! His little, well big brown eyes just lit right up and he was smiling again! It was a rough day as a Momma but ended up turning out alright and the boys had fun!!

The firefighters even took pictures and e-mailed them to me before I got home!! How awesome was that!!!! Thank you Station 37!!!! You guys rock!


~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

WOW... sounds like ya'll had an exciting time. I love the party favors. I should have ordered one from you for Mercedes's birthday. Very cute. Hope you are doing well and your family. Miss ya!!!!