Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Update!!!

Happy 4th Of July!!!!
Johnny and I sat on the porch and watched what fireworks we could see. We were out there for about an hour. He was having a good ol' time running around trying to catch up with all the different directions they were coming from!! Jaxi didn't make it, he was whooped and hit the hay about 9pm which is an hour past his bedtime. So he did pretty good for as late as it was!

We went out to the house last night. And I took some new pictures!!! Check out my scrapbook room!!! Love how girly but not being little girl with all that pink!!!

This is the chandelier in my 1/2 bath up stairs!! Love it!The Dining Room. The hardwood floors are almost finished!!!

The kitchen!!! Those are some of our window treatments on the floor in those boxes!!

More Kitchen!!

The kitchen, this is the view from the living room. I put that same fan in the living room since this space is completely open. At the last minute I switch out some fixtures in 4 different rooms.

Our garage doors and trim got painted!!And the fixtures are up out side!!!

The basement living room!

The bar & Johnny being a goof ball!

More of the bar!

The master shower!!!

We are getting closer everyday, we have to be out of the duplex by the 20th so I have been even more so busy than the past few weeks staying on everyone's hineys! Fun.....
Okay off to the pool with the boys and my dad. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Liz S said...


I am in love with your house, the kitchen is my favorite room so far. Great job!!!


*Chelle* said...

Lookin' good, Girlie!! Glad you and Johnny had fun watching the fireworks!

Michielle said...

WOW!! What a cute little man your Johnny is!!....and soooo tan, that it makes his little blue eyes POP!! The house is coming along great....getting closer!!!

AliciaSharp said...

Love the house! I cannot wait to see your scraproom when you get moved in. I am soooo jealous!

Kim said...

Looks good Summer. Lovin' the chandelier's.