Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally a day of relaxation!!! Love the holiday weekends! The boys and I spent the day with Grandpa at the pool!! Johnny had a big day yesterday. He helped Grandpa install a door handle and a dead bolt. He thought it was great!!! Using the drill and all... Then we went off to the pool and Johnny learned how to dive just like I did as a kid!! From my Dad! Last we ended the night with another tooth coming out, well... with a little help from me bribing Johnny with a train and me pulling it out!!! It popped right out, no tears!! The Tooth Fairy made her rounds and once again Johnny woke up at the crack of dawn to show me what she brought him!! 4 shiny quarters! After I finally got Johnny to bed I got my kit out from Scrap-a-latte!!!! And look what I made, a new key chain for myself. I had the Elsie stickers already! I think this is the first time I was able to have something with my name on it without having to custom order it!!! Remember when you were a kid and you could have your name on your barrettes?? Well my Mom always had to custom order them because they never had my name!!! Well not anymore, fun!!!




Jaxi wearing Johnny's fins!!

I can't believe I caught him in mid air!! Love my Rebel!

Look how Johnny is still watching my Dad as he dives in the pool, cute!

Grandpa helping Jaxi put his fins on again...


*Chelle* said...

Your keychain looks awesome!! Love all that ribbon!
Look at those pool side cuties!!! LOL That's precious that your dad taught you and now your son to dive. Definately a scrapbook moment!! :)

Kim said...

Looks like you all had an awesome day. How cool is it that Johnny is learning to dive?

Carla said...

The pictures of the boys are so cute! Love the fins!!