Friday, July 18, 2008

Well things are slowly getting better. Slowly... We had a couple of set backs yesterday. The electricians came to install our stove top and oven and our microwave. Well we got 1 out of 3 installed. The stove top fell through the hole of the granite!! I kid you not the granite was cut the wrong size. So the granite is going to be taken out and a new one is going to be recut. Then we went to install our wall oven and the hole for the oven was too big. This morning I went to go to the appliance place to get different appliances. Come to find out I bought the largest appliance I could get and the holes have to be repaired/replaced!!! AHHH Is all I can say. Then this morning we had our electrical inspection and we didn't pass. Which is typical, but then they weren't going to be able to get us in so we could get our over all inspection done in time for us to move in before our lease was up. So we paid extra to have after hours inspections done just so we could get a temporary move in pass. I know this is soo boring but it is crazy for us. I feel like I have been living in our house but without furniture or my family. I just don't sleep here. Okay I am totally rambling sorry! I am just in over my head with this whole building of our home. Well, I am now trying to get our TV's set up and ready for the move and let me tell ya kinda of a mess. We are changing everything from COX to Dish. I am so far not impressed with getting it set up. We have set 2 separate appointments and still no installation. AHHH more frustration!!!! All in all everyone in our house is doing okay through everyting. The kids are a little freaking out about all of stuff moving around. Well Johnny is. But we are trying to keep things "normal" for them as possible. Well gotta get my fam some dinner, hope everyone is having a great day! Nite!


Carla said...

Summer I hope it all works out and you can finally move in and get settled soon!