Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's only Tuesday?!?!

omgoodness, things have been soo crazy busy!! We got carpet this weekend and I love it! What a difference! I have been going out to the house and cleaning after everyone leaves. Last night I went out and cleaned out the garage! While I am cleaning the neighbor for across the street came over and introduced himself. He was very nice, he has 6 daughters, could you imagine?!??!! The only thing is they are all grown. I will be doing the same today and then I think I am done. I am meeting with Kandi, from Homemaids to come out and look the house over tomorrow. She will be cleaning it the rest, but I just didn't want to freak her out with all the work. Not that she couldn't handle it, just me and my OCD taking over.... Anyways my cement ordeal should be over. Lupe promised me a circle drive today!!! So after my workout I will be heading out to see if he kept his promise!! Okay enough about the house! Although I want to get pictures of the cement because we are going to put the boys hand prints in the sports court. SO you know me being the scrapbooker will be getting that on my camera.

The boys are doing great! Johnny is back to his swimming lesson routine for his next two week session. He was soo cute last night. He were on his way home from lessons and he wanted to call Grandpa. He told Grandpa it would be a good idea of the two of them wash Momma's truck on Sunday. Then my Dad told him after that they could go swimming. He talked to him nonstop for about 20 minutes. I don't know if my Dad really got any words in... So my son! Such a planner!


Kim said...

ohhh....a maid....if only....lucky girl you. :) 12 days and counting.