Saturday, May 17, 2008

The count down is on!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I think things are getting closer to being done!!! Finally I am sooo seeing that light!!!! I have had a week from hell! I have been up to my eyeballs in boys/house/family/school/friends/baseball activities! Most have been great but the hard has been hard and overwhelming!!!! I am telling you yesterday I think I reach a level of stressed out I didn't even know existed in me! I was suppose to be at a luncheon with all the Mom's of Johnny's class. Well Jaxi wasn't in the mood for it! Well I had been running around all morning getting everything ready for the day and getting stuff together for the house. Plus making sure Johnny was ready and fed before school!! Thank goodness school starts at 12:15!!! Anywooo!! By the time I got to lunch I was whooped! Jaxi was not in the best of moods, he was just screaming at Kay's restaurant causing all kinds of scenes. And I just lost it. I just couldn't take it anymore!!! I just broke down and balled my eyes out in the parking lot!!! While my friends were eating lunch I was down at the aquarium keeping Jax entertained. I finally went up to the girls and said I was leaving. They were soo understanding and were just happy it wasn't them dealing with a screaming 2 year old child!! Before I left I had a awesome meal packed and ready for me to eat at home! On the way I home I couldn't get a hold of myself the tears were just a flowing!!! I was sooo overwhelmed with everything that has been going on lately- just life, just my life!!! My life just feels upside down right now! I am soo ready to be settled.
So after eating my yum meal I was feeling better and on top of that I got a package in the mail!!! A PINK laptop arrived!!!! That got my mind off things and I was able to play for a little bit before picking up Johnny from school! After school I went out to the house to pick up some pieces of cabinets to take to Sherman Williams to have some stains matched for our desk. And I was sooo pleased to see a crew of men working on the house!!! The painters were still there and they were filling nail holes! For some crazy reason I thought I was going to see some paint on something!!! I would have taken any color at that point but instead I was just happy to see them working on the house filling the nail holes!!!

After the house we had a play-date at Michelle's. Her boys got a new play set so my boys were soo excited to play outside. (something we can't do at the cheerio in fear of getting hit by cars and who knows what else- a bullet lol) We were there for a couple of hours and then I was off to go home and make dinner, give baths and put the boys to bed!!! As soon as they were down I jumped in the shower and I crawled in bed at 8:30 and I was out until 8:30 this morning!!!
I've been cleaning and packing all morning! It feels good to pack my stuff up because I know I will be unpacking and throwing these boxes away very soon!!!! That my friends is a good feeling!


Liz S said...

Oh Summer I feel for ya. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time right now. You're strong, you will make it through.

On the 2 yr old tantrums. Mike and I gave up trying to eat out for a while when the kids hit that stage. I, like you, just wanted to cry. It was either me eating a cold meal or Mike, depending on who's turn it was to take the "adorable child" out of ear shot, LOL. After a while we gave up. It does pass though, hang in there. Now my kids behave like little adults when we go out to eat.

Just keep focus on the positives in your life right now. Happy,(for the most part), healthy kids, a GORGEOUS husband, and that big beautiful house.

I miss you.