Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When is Spring going to Spring into Action????

Oh I am getting soo tired of the cold!!!!! Hello it is April 8th!!! Hello!!!! Anyways, Kevin and I had a crazy morning. Actually it's already been a fun fulfilled week of house errands!! Today we went concrete window shopping!!! We went to some different subdivisions looking at peoples concrete and looking for the stamp to see who did it! We were looking for one particular stamp to make our decision on who was going to do ours!! I kinda felt like a stalker!!! We would stop at every house in the subdivision look over the concrete and them look for the stamp. The kids were like wth?!?!?! At one point Johnny was like what are we doing?!??!?! He thought he was going to see a cement mixer truck and was kinda disappointed! I told him when our concrete gets poured we can watch and put our hand prints in the sports court!!! He didn't like the idea of getting his hands dirty!!! Sooo his Daddy!! funny... Jaxi will probably dive in! ha! Anyways if this weather will ever dry out and get warm we can get some of this concrete going!!! It will be soo nice! Plus it is one more step to the house being complete!!!!
Kevin ended up staying home with Jaxi so I could do some more house shopping! I was on a mission for Balusters. Fun let me tell ya!!! not really. I went out west to a beautiful gallery but got hooked up with a not soo intelligent fella. So I left! I headed back out tot he house to see all that was new!!! I have a pantry!!! and my desk is almost complete!!! All the crown is done and almost all the base boards are done!!! By the time I got done with everything it was time to get Johnny from school and head to the grocery store for the bag of groceries that did not get put in my car from the day before?!?!?! Soo irritated!!! Anyways. When I got home I was still on my mission to find my balusters. And I did, I totally scored!!!! I found some beautiful balusters online in MO!!!! They are only going to take two days to get here and I got them for a whole lot less that I could have gotten them in town!!!! That was the best part!!! Here's what they are going to look like. They are going to be staggered going down the stair case!!!


heather~dawn said...

Summer!!! Those Balusters look fabulous together, I am particularly smitten with the flourish one!! At first I was like WTH?!? is a Baluster...but now I have learned my new thing for the day! Sooo glad to hear that your house is coming along, I too am sooo ready for the wonderful weather that is SPRING to get HERE...and on the double! My dad had the heat up to 75 in the house...normally a no, no. But since he has been living in the humid air conditioned climate of FloRida, he apparently thinks that 50 degrees is too cold. My dad, the guy that wears shorts in the middle of winter to grill hamburgers in the snow. Sorry to go on and on...but you got me going!!!