Monday, April 7, 2008


Yeah Love Monday!!! I don't know why but maybe because it feels like a fresh start to a new week! Even though my Mondays are pretty much the same as the last Monday, I still like them! Today I got my workout in with a friend from the wiki!!! It was fun to work out with some one!!! It's been a while since I have done that. Then I was off to my daily errands. I usually get home from the Y and Kevin has accumulated a list of "to dos" for me. Well let me tell ya I am whooped today. I don't think it is from the errands but I think it is this crazy weather. Total stay in your jammies all day kind of day. Plus what is the deal with the smoke!??! I know El Dorado was having controlled fires but geez my street was sooo smoky I couldn't see my neighbors house. Hopefully the rain will wash it away!
Well I am pretty excited I got an email today for Johnny baseball information. He is going to be playing his first year of t-ball through Blessed Sacrament's Baseball League. His team is coed and has 15 kids on it. He starts like on the asap!!! They will have 4 practices before his first game at the end of May. The name of his team is the Padres!!! YEAH!!! GO CA!!!! I can not tell you how excited to watch him play and be involved in sports!!!! He seems to be just as excited!!!
Well need to get the boys ready for bed!!! Hope you all had a great Monday!!
Rock Chailk Jayhawk, GO KU!!!!