Sunday, April 6, 2008

things are starting to come together!!

Yeah!!! Things are really starting to come together at the house. It feels like we have been doing nothing but working on it. I had another busy week of lining up bids with different people and meeting with the trim carpenter to make sure things are what we wanted. It's been fun to see the house take shape. I am soo excited. I hate shopping especially for furniture. I mean I should say hate but it's not one of my favorite things to if it's not something like shoes, purses or scrapbooking supplies. Anyways not much of that kind of shopping happening around here. So I was complaining about our options of stores here in good ol' Wichita. I just can't find what I am looking for. I am totally rustic old Italian style and Kevin is ultra modern. Way opposite ends of the earth!! ha! Figures.... Anyways, I was talking to our carpenter and he suggested having our furniture made. I was like really what a concept! So our carpenter is making our office furniture and my dinning furniture and I am going to talk to him about making our master bedroom furniture. I love that it is custom and that you are going to find it anywhere else. I love that I have an idea in my head and I draw in on paper and he just runs with it!!!! Kinda like the wall unit in the living room. He made my idea 100 times better. He is soo talented!!! Kevin is just amazed by him!!!
Well on top of the house we have our life that is keeping us busy. We had a semi nice week of weather this past week. Well for Kansas you never know what you are going to get each day!!! ha! We actually made it to the park and we weren't freezing in the wind! The boys had a blast!!! We first headed to Sonic for "happy hour" 1/2 price drinks! Thanks Genny!! And then headed tot he park. Johnny just amazes me how he climbs up everything and has no fears of heights. Then he goes down these big slides and doesn't think twice and runs back up and does it all over again! Then there is Jaxi, he wants to big soo bad. He kept trying soo hard to follow Johnny everywhere and go up the big slide. The little slide he was on last week just wasn't exciting to him at all. funny.
Yesterday Johnny and I spent the day together just the two of us. He is soo cute!! And funny to listen to! We went shopping for the rest of our exterior lights and some door knobs. Johnny picked out "train" door knobs for his closets and I chose "baseballs" for Jaxi's closet doors. Cute!!! After our day of shopping I decided to take him to get an ice cream. We met up with my Dad since we were on the west of town. We went to Braums and Johnny was trying different ice creams. He chose Peppermint of all ice creams!!! He loved it. He even got it on a cone, something he has never had! I know my children are sooo deprived!!! lol!!! Anyways he loved it and my Dad and Johnny ate ice cream and talked trains! Cute!!!
After my day I was kinda whooped!!! Although we had to stay up because Kevin's team KU was playing in the Final Four!!! He was soo excited but couldn't handle watching the game. It was on after the kids went to bed soo he watched a movie and I kept checking the score online. I was sooo excited for them but couldn't tell him! He finally couldn't take it any more and starting watching the game. (he recorded it so he could watch it if they won and erase it if they lost) He gets very emotional watching these games. He is sooo a die hard fan of the Jayhawks!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!
While he finished up the game I went downstairs to scrapbook. I got two layouts done and I made a couple more things for my Etsy store. I don't think my Etsy store is going to be a huge things I just think it will be fun to have. I will take pictures later when the sun is out and the cheerio isn't soo dark! ha! Okay now that I have written a novel have a great Sunday!!!!