Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well I weighed in today and lost another pound!!! wooohooo!!! Well I thought today was going to be low key... so much for that!! I feel like the house is consuming all my time right now! I was out there first thing this morning with the electrician again and hoping to meet up with the well drillers. So to say the least I was out there a few times waiting for the well people. Finally they came and starting digging for water!!!! Kevin's at the house right now meeting with the trim carpenter! I did get to have lunch with my Dad today and catch up with him!! We just got home a little bit ago and for some reason Jax is not wanting to take a nap!!! Ever since Christmas break has been over he doesn't want to nap!!! WTH!!!?!?!?! I still need him to take a nap. About 6:30 the tire phase hits him but then it is too late so I have to deal with a bear until 8pm!!! Anyways all is well here. Everyone his healthy!! My children are making weird noises from the bathroom, like things slamming so I better check it out!!