Sunday, January 13, 2008

Look at these two, they look like trouble!!! too cute!!

Well lets see where do i start?!?!?! We have had soo much going on lately! Friday I ran all over getting stuff done for the house. I went out to Benton and got all our granite ordered!! woohoo!!! That felt good!!! And double bonus he had everything I wanted!!! Come to find out while I was there he asked me about my scrapbook room b/c I needed counter tops in there too... He was like my wife scrapbooks!!!! And she gets all her stuff from Scrapfunattic and she takes classes, small world!!!! Her name is Sherry Smith anyone know her???
I also had to run by and pick up some scrapbooking goodies to get started on some of my layouts for her!!! I got asked to design some layouts for a friend so she can take them on the road!!! How awesome is that!!! I have been working on those this weekend!! SO much fun!! I have been playing with all kinds of stuff!! I am sure I have gotten more than 10 layouts done!! I need to get the rest done by Tuesday! Plus I am just about wrapping up my Aunt Mary's wedding album. That will be nice to have done and shipped off!! I had to go back out to Scrapfunattic yesterday to exchange the og album I had picked out b/c Sarah loved it but she thought her mom would like a more traditional album. I had Kevin and the boys drive me out there!. On the way home we stopped by the house. The brick is almost done. And there was more stone put up!! There was even someone there working on the brick on a Saturday!!! Thank God b/c we kinda got behind with the brick b/c of the cold weather. We are soo ready to be out of the cheerio!!!!
I'm starting to get things ready for Johnny's Valentine's Day party!! I am soo excited the room moms asked me to take care of the crafts from now on!!!
oh I don't know if I mentioned this but Kevin went in for a MRI last week and come to find out he has torn a ligament in his shoulder and has to go off to a specialist, who can't get him in until MARCH!!!! He was soooo not impressed! He is sooooo worried that this shoulder thing as he says is going to cut into his golfing... um hello would rather be health or be able to play golf!?!??! I know dumb question. Kevin would say play golf!!
Me on the other hand my arms and hands have pretty much stopped going numb!!! YEAH!!! It is sooo amazing to me when you aren't able to let go of stress how it will come out of your body in other ways... I don't if I have actually let go of my stress but the relaxers are helping!!! :)~ I am actually sleeping through the whole night!!!! That is something that NEVER happens!!!!
On another note I am continuing to eat healthy and do my workouts and the wiki is such an amazing place!!! Makes me really want to eat better!!! I am also learning so much from so many amazing women!!! Weigh in is on Tuesday so I will see how well I did, I hope to just maintain but if I loose that is just bonus baby!!!!
Looks like another busy week! I am wrapping everything up with the tile and hopefully getting it ordered tomorrow!!! I never knew that this tile business was soo complicated!!!! I have been soo lucky to have Amy's Dad guide me through this process!!! BTW he is doing all the tile in our house!!! I still have not heard back from the wood floor people. I have called them and they say they will call back when they have the info but nothing..... The electrician is in right now so as soon as he is done we can get our insulation & dry wall up!!!! I am going to start doing some shopping for some furniture for the kitchen. We need chairs, since we nix the kitchen table idea and decided to make the island 3 levels and one is the level as a regular table so we can use normal chairs. This way the boys when they fall off the chairs and Johnny does all the time won't fall soo far...
Well I am gonna get. I am doing nothing today!!! I am still in my jammies (actually we all are). I am not answering the phone. We aren't having any visitors!!! yeah!!! And I think I am even going to take a nap!! How about that for a lazy Sunday!!!


dl said...

Hey Summer -- Danny Smith is doing my granite too !!! His wife is a very nice gal and her mother comes in too. What color(s) of granite did you pick?

Summer said...

The kitchen is going to be New Venetian Gold
The boys bath and the basement bath is going to be Baltic Brown
The master Bath is Amarello Boreal
Last the basement bar is going to basement Bar Tan Brown.
What did you go with?