Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally some scrapbooking!!!

I finally got some pictures taken of some of the scrapbooking I have been working on!!! There are 18 layouts!!!! Wooohoooo 18 layouts done!!!! It took me a couple of weekends but I got them done!!! I haven't really started any of my Christmas layouts, I think I am going to hold on to them for CAG!!! I just got all mu pictures in the mail this past week. So I think I am going to start making page kits!!! I already know they layouts I want to do, it's just a matter of picking out my goodies!!!! I almost have my Aunt Mary's book done but the past few days have blown by without getting one second to even go downstairs. I need to get that done by this weekend. Sarah just informed me she found more pictures and she was mailing them!!! OMG more pictures!!!!! Is she kidding me?!?!?! I am just kidding that is awesome! But omgoodness this book is going to be a fattie!!! I just hope she likes it!!! More like LOVES it!!!!!
Well todays weather was crazy. I got up a little bit later than normal and headed to the gym. I did interval running! It totally kicked my booty!!! Kev was telling me how interval training makes your body continue to burn calories throughout the day.... I hope so after what I put my body through this morning lol!!! I also got my leg workout in and that felt super good!!! I ran into some old friends from Romper Stompers when it was just Johnny and I!!! It was nice to say hello and catch up a bit!! After my workout I went to town on looking for ideas for our closets & our media centers & office. OMG there are toooo many ideas out there!!! I just want to have three choices and have to choose between those three and call it good!!!!!
Johnny had school today so while he was in school I sat for 2 hours and got my February & March class instructions written and emailed out!!! Plus I played around with Adobe a little bit. Man that thing will suck you!!! Before I knew it, it was time to get Johnson!! After school I finished up the rest of my instructions and AMEN Jaxon took a nap!!!!! It was nice to have some quiet around the house. Kevin came home early and took a nap so it was just Johnny and me hanging out until dinner! Well just got off the wiki and now I am pooped!!!!! It is getting late and I am sure Johnny will be up a the crack of dawn!!!
What is wrong with him. He doesn't have to get up early to be anywhere.... hello this is perfect sleeping in weather!?!?!?! lol!!!!!


princess jeffier said...

your layouts are all beautiful (as usual) so inspiring-I love all the color!

aday said...

YOUR LAYOUTS ARE AWESOME!! As always!! Soo much talent there Chickee!